What should you do after completing Sisters Of Eve epic arc as an alpha?

I finished my SoE epic arc and then i went to a standstill. I don’t know what to do as an alpha because mining was not a good option because, I cant use any ship other than venture and I had applied to many corps but no one accepted me. There are many reasons other than this but I can’t write everything here. I don’t what to do in Eve Online! Pls guide me. Thank you.

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EVE is a sandbox. There are hundreds of very different things you can do.

It’s up to you; what is it that you want to do?

Many newer players will go on and run missions, others will focus more on exploration, or get into piracy and/or pvp early on, etc.

What have you enjoyed the most so far? Often joining a newbie friendly corp can be quiet beneficial, especially those that focus on training newer players. There are many out there. Keep in mind that there are many corporations out there that have certain requirements in what they are looking for and that there are many many others out there that offer very little. Finding the right fit long-term may take a while.

Search the Recruitment Center on these forums.

What have you enjoyed the most so far? Perhaps go with that a bit. EVE Online will not direct you to the next “thing” to do as other MMOs tend to do. Here you have to chart your own course.


Then you likely apply to the ‘wrong’ corps.

Some corps will indeed not take in Alpha clones, or others based on their requirements.

Find one that suits you and where you also meet their ‘requirements’.

The 3 most obvious reasons why Alpha’s might be excluded:

  1. They can be a free spy as no monthly payment is required.
  2. They are quite gated in what ships and modules they can use. More important in higher end PvE stuff and/or PvP doctrines etc.
  3. They are more likely a new player who is trying out EVE and might just disappear when they don’t like it.

As for what to do, EVE is a big ass sandbox.
What would you like to do? What so far did you have the most fun in doing?


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(After studying J’Poll’s excellent list)


There are a couple of useful tools in your Neocom: The Activity Tracker and the Agency. The first shows you what’s available to do and tracks how much you’ve done in each type of play, and the second gives you suggests where to go to do what you want to do.

The other two things you can do are to join the EVE University chat in game, and to join EVE University itself. In the former, you can ask questions and folks are usually happy to answer them. In the latter, you can try the various campuses to find something you like.

Ok thank you so much for the advice!

Well then most probably I will have to play solo. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Oh so eve is not like most games. I like exploration so most probably I will do that. Thanks!

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No reason to settle for that. There are lots of corporations who take on Alpha pilots and help train them.

@Corwin_Dnari mentioned EVE University in his comment. They are a “noobie” training corporation and they happily welcome in Alpha pilots. They have a bit of a process to go through to get in but as long as you’re just wanting to join to learn stuff about EVE Online you won’t have any difficulty in getting in, other than waiting the time and being patient. At a minimum, do hang out in their public channel in-game. You can find it under the Help category in your Chat Channels window after clicking on the “+” sign for “Open channel window”.

You can even take any of the classes they offer as public classes. Details are on their fine wiki.

And if EVE University isn’t your cup of tea, there are other well-established noobie and Alpha-friendly corporations who will welcome you.

clearly no, eve is not like most other games. Haven’t you read about it a bit before starting to play and realizing that eve is not like most games?

I know that it isn’t but i was just confused in what career path to choose. Because of its vastness.

This is completely normal and expected. Odds are you will explore several career options before you find the path that is right for you.

Eve is built around 2 main simulations - military and economic. Most of the economic simulation is behind the paywall, it would be too easy for free-to-play characters to disrupt the player driven economy otherwise.

Alpha characters do have extensive access to combat skills. On the PVE side, you can run missions up to level 3, and all combat sites. On the PVP side, Alpha characters can participate in fleets. Most organizations that welcome Alphas have doctrines they can fly. Don’t think that being new means you can’t be effective. The largest and most powerful organization in the game didn’t start that way:

As others have said, Eve is a sandbox. It gives a remarkable degree of freedom in what you can do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do the best job of telling you what you can do, or how you can get into it.

Thus, the best advice I can give you is to go out and try different things until you find something that speaks to you. Don’t know how to do it? Well, you can: (1) fling ships at it until you figure it out on your own, (2) do research by reading articles or watching videos, (3) join a corp that provides resources or fleet opportunities.

There are a ton of newbro friendly organizations out there. Some of the more well-known and respected ones include Eve University, Brave Newbies, and Pandemic Horde. Apply to those guys. You’ll probably get invites from all three, and then can pick the one you think you would like best.

As you said you like exploration, just go do that.

The beauty of EVE though, at no point are you ever stuck in a career path.

If you want to mine on Mondays, explore on Tuesdays, PvP on Wednesdays, Trade on Thursdays and do missions on Fridays…you can do exactly that.

It will only take a bit longer due to how you aquire SP normally over time, to do them all very good.

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Thank you so much!

Ok i will do that.

Thank you for the advice!

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