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I have been playing eve for more than 3 months and still i dont know what to do in the game . the graphics are awesome . is there a way to train towards a career or explore what options are available to achieve objectives in the game . Maybe i am missing something here

What have you enjoyed doing so far?

Nothing Except watching people on twitch having fun but the ships they are flying needs alot of training . as a new player i am here doing some level one missions and it is repetitive jump few gates then kill some ships and come back to finnish the mission. the time travelling is more than the mission itself

Yea that can happen. In 3 months though, you should have at least went through the career agents and completed the sisters of Eve arc

You have to train skills and work your way up just like everyone else. It takes time. EVE is not an instant gratification game…


i gonna renew my subscription and see again :wink:


Reach 1.0 standing with an NPC corp, and that will unlock L2 missions. Reach 3.0 and you can do L3 missions, 5.0 for L4 and 7.0 for L5.


You can also find some local players who can help you out

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This question has been asked many times and the answer is pretty amazing: https://www.alpha-orbital.com/news/the-big-eve-online-career-chart

You’ll need to zoom in a lot to actually read the text!


you may have missed the fact that the game won’t tell you what to do: this is a sandbox. You have to find what you wanna be/do. What you like. Pirate, trader, explo, FW, wormholer, etc…
No epic quest here which would ask you to kill 10 wolves or one boss, and then talk to a npc who would say that you are the savior of the Universe
Join a corp. You will get friends, advices, enemies, tasks, objectives, fits, etc

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Good for you !!! :clap: I strongly recommend doing the Sisters of Eve Arc, lots of different things to do, you earn rewards and are given some ships - you’ll learn a lot and enjoy yourself whilst doing so.


Yeah That is what i am doing now :wink:

Any Suggestion Wich faction should i increase standing with Epic Arc?

Faction standing matters for missions and, if you’re interested in a career as a market trader, brokerage fees. Other than that, you simply want to avoid going too negative - the police will start shooting at you if you do.

I would choose the sovereign faction in the part of space where you are living - i.e. Gallente - for now. You can run the SOE Epic Arc every 90 days if you want to build up standing with all empire factions.

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Do the career agents, do the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc, then join a group.

I’ve heard good things about Eve University…

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What were my aims after three months?
In my starter corp we had a monthly Ice mining event to fuel our structures, so I skilled for Mining Barges and ice miners. Also I advanced from Level2 to Level 3 Missions in a Myrmidon.
If you like that, have a look at the Social skills (esp. Social, Connections, and Negotiation) to get easier to tougher and more rewarding missions.

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I’m a new player in EVE and new to the sandbox games in general. And while i cant tell you what to do, or on what you should focus, i will write couple of things here in hope that this will help to some other newbies in case they stumble upon this.

First, I done all of the career agents missions at the starting station (right after the tutorial). Got some general idea about the careers and chose one path. In my case i chose Exploration as its nice income for the beginning, but more important over exploration and ISK is the fact that i started learning some basics that i will need in my everyday activities later on. Like D-Scan, making safe spots, checking other sites for threats, running away, etc.

Second, i started asking people about my chosen career. Asking for advice, how to improve specific aspects of it, how to be more functional at it. I’ve been lucky so I met a veteran with plenty of time and nerves, so i’m asking that person about different mechanics in the game. There is plenty of newb-friendly channels in chat help section. Never happened that I asked something and that i haven’t got an answer.

Third, i started watching videos about my career. There is plenty of things that you can learn from the video guides. How i became more confident while exploring i started watching videos and guides about other aspects of the game. So now i’m watching and learning about PVE fits, as my short-term goal now is to do Arc mission chain and to make my standing higher. So I can start earning ISK over PVE missions as well, when I get bored of exploration.

Forth, one can’t avoid PVP video guides while watching PVE guides, hehe. So I started slowly watching PVP videos and decided that my long term goal is PVP. While there are different ways of doing PVP (solo, small gangs, big fleets), im still not sure what path to choose, but as i’m far away from it atm, i think that i will sooner or later try all of them and then “specialize” more into something.

This is not an answer to your question, but i do hope that this will help someone/somehow. Making a long-term goal in this game makes your own “epic quest”. And while there are much more things to do in this game than I’ve mentioned here, you need to find something for yourself that you really enjoy doing. At some point it can become overwhelming, but sticking to one path, at least early in the game, can cause way less headaches, haha.

Cheers! o7


@Mordremoth - You don’t have to wait for any time to get involved in pvp if that’s what you want, you can do that now. Start with fleet war to learn some EvE. Look up “hero tackle”. Look up “logi”. Small gang - look up “public npsi fleets”.

If you like exploration maybe look into “Signal Cartel” group.

There are so many different things to do in EvE it is indeed daunting…but also one of the best aspects of the game.


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