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How do I get started in EVE Online? I am wondering about what to do after the Tutorial, Career Agents, and after the Sisters of EVE Mission Arc. I’m also wondering about which corporation to join.

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Hi @EVENew2EVEOnline,

Welcome to EVE Online! You have many paths to chose from to progress your EVE career, such as mission running, mining, trading, pvp (solo and in fleets) but I would suggest taking a look at some of the pinned threads in this section which might give you a good idea in the direction you want to take.

As for corporations, the EVE University is a good place to join to get yourself into the game or you could dive into the Recruitment section of the forums to find a corp to suit your playstyle.

If there anything in particular you are interested in doing within the EVE universe?

Fly safe o7

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I’m interested in doing some mission running the most. I can do some mining.

Other than that, I need more experience in all of the other activities!

Google is your friend. There is so much info on this game out there that as a new player, I cant even begin to tell what you would like. Take your time and read up on what’s available/possible in this game while you skill up the basics! Chose the path you want to take, don’t let others make that decision for you or you will never be happy. Do some research about the the corp you want to join.

This is a game that does not hold you by the hand. Those that do well usually pulled themselves up by their own boot straps. That being said, please feel free to ask more questions.

Best of luck and fly safe!
The Magic 14 - EVE University Wiki

@ISD_Bahamut Who knew you had a soft side! :wink: :rofl:

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It’s kinda PvP oriented but still should give you idea about possibilities.

Remember, EVE is sandbox. There is no goals or objectives in game. You need to make own small and big goals. Just don’t focus on isk. Try everything while you are new, learn about the game and mechanics. Don’t focus on isk. Do things you gonna enjoy and wallet balance will rise with time.

Farm fun, not isk

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@MB_ThePhotographer - I must have woken up on the right side of the bed for once! :rofl:

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You can find Mission Agents via the Agency on the taskbar (or if it still prompts when you log into game) - you will need to start with Level 1 missions to build reputation with the agent/faction before you can move onto Level 2, 3 and so on.

Level 1 missions doesnt earn much ISK but it helps you get the feel of of them and are easily doable in a Destroyer class ship (even for Level 2 missions too) as they have around 8 high slots so lots of guns or missile to deal adequate DPS.

You will need to aim for a Battlecruiser to comfortably take on Level 3 missions which you will then starting earning some fairly decent ISK and Loyalty Points. Level 4 missions are doable with a Battlecruiser but can be a challenge so it is worth training towards a Battleship - coupled with salvaging/looting, you can make some decent ISK.

The EVE Survival Guide is a great source of information for mission runners, particularly for Level 4 as there are some NPCs that can Warp Scram/Web and greatly increases your risk of losing your ship if you are not prepared.

One important note - never fly what you cannot afford to lose. EVE is a very unforgiving game and you must be prepared to lose ships at some point, regardless of how careful you are :grinning:

Most importantly, enjoy!

ISD Bahamut

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