Need some help regarding my future in this game

I have just started playing eve and from the recommendations of people in rookie help I have finished the career agents and the tutorial. I had a lot of fun doing them but now without them to guide me, I am completely lost and don’t know what to spend my time doing.

I have spent the last couple of hours dipping my toes in different activites. I started out getting one hit in null-sec after a lengthy trip thinking I could go there and loot and was recruited by a corp who promptly started slaving me away at the mines. Throughout this I didn’t really know what I should do. I kind of like exploring and I really enjoyed the whole exploration career and I am wondering if anyone could tell me about some things I could do relating to that to both have some fun and get a bit of isk (I currently own about 11m isk + a mining ship and a punisher with some weapons and a bunch of unassembled/assembled empty ships).

Also, this is a bit in the future but could someone explain null-sec a bit. I heard that its just a pvp area but I dont know what things that I should have / what skills / how much money I would need for that. Would I also need a corp for this? This brings me to my third question. I have had a sort of rough ride with corps but I plan to make a post soon about joining a corp in the near future when I have the permissions to. The question about those is how do I like stop the endless people attempting to persuade me to join there corps everytime in rookie chat and the messages in my inbox?

Thanks in advance for the help, I apologize if this is the wrong section. Please let me know and I will delete and make a new thread.

The easiest way to make money in this game is to start a corp and exploit your members. The corporate recruiters know this, so they are very motivated to get you to join.

Nullsec is mostly a PVE farming area - the use of local and umbrella fleets makes it relatively safe - and it is easier for corporations and alliances to justify their taxes on players.

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Try some exploration, start training for a asteroid and get some scanning skills and then located some wormholes, data/relic sites decent for a beginner to get into,

Null sec is like the Wild West, easier to lose ship/podded here then in low sec because of warp bubbles would avoid this area till your more experienced with the game mechanics and how it all works

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If your part of a null sec corp it can be a lot safer and easier but solo if your brand new can be a bit challenging

That is because the corporate overlords don’t want you there, showing their members that it is possible to live free, not under the yoke of tyranny.

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Join a corporation that’s part of a larger nullsec alliance/coalition like Legacy or Goonswarm or Pandemic Horde. They have very well established new player on-boarding programs to get you situation, teach you the ropes, and guide you on what you should train. And yes, if you want to survive in nullsec, you’re going to need to be part of a corporation (or else you’ll appear as a neutral target to whoever owns the space and they’ll kill you).

As for the invitation, spam, just block the person and move on. There’s nothing you can really do about it.

What do you mean by training for an asteroid. I have the 1m skill points so ill try to train skills. Do you mean like “archeology” and “hacking?” For exploration, I do the thing with the drones and find places correct? What is a wormhole?

How would I go about joining those? Thanks for the help, are there any requirements I should have before journeying to null-sec?

While I agree that the alliances you mentioned do have a good establishment program for newbies and that living as a neutral in nullsec can get you killed as a newbie , there are other communities/entities in this game . He can also join a lowsec corp , a wh corp (there are corps that also take newbies there and help/guide them as best as they can) , a null NPC established corp , Eve University, etc.
Recommending him right off the bat the major nullsec power blocks , without mentioning the rest of the options for him is bad practice. In this game not everything happens in nullsec.

Yea but I am mostly interested in starting null-sec after I get more ships and money, I asked for some help with corps and whether I should join one.

You can really just google them and find their recruitment pages.

Honestly, no. You can join one of them right off the bat as a fresh new player or as someone who already has experience. The only big thing is that you’ve gotta treat it as if you’re joining a gaming community and not be sketchy about it.

The dude literally asked about nullsec, my friend.

I agree , but nullsec isn’t just Legacy, PH and GSF. If that’s what he wants , the options you presented him with are not a bad choice , just that there aren’t the only ones when it comes to null.

Nullsec space is shaped and organized by player groups, territory can be owned, they make the rules. Empire space (lowsec, highsec) has more game restriction and NPC stations, which also allow solo life. Each space is unique, there is no actual progression. A big asset in EvE is knowing each spaces’ rules and be able to use and travel them on own terms. Including wormhole space, Thera, and Povchen.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

And that was appropriate from him:

It’s how you need to respond to such troglodytes, otherwise they won’t feel better about themselves.

Can you edate in dms or something?

tbh, Scoost takes the time to answer to many new players, and usually gives them very good advices.
His advice to join a corp in a null sec block is a valuable one, and, even if there are many good smaller corps, newbie-friendly corps in big blocks are interesting, since they, usually, don’t try to exploit newbies.
And here, while he is a TEST member, he was even honest enough to include Goons in the alliances that OP could join, while TEST and goons have a…small conflict currently :wink:
So i would suggest you to chill and don’t be too rude with Scoots


And usually being arrogant and hateful.

I don’t care about his affiliation , TEST, GSF or any other .

Keep your suggestions to yourself or your friend Scoots.

Have a nice day !

This makes you just as guilty…

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