Help, I am a new player

Hello ladys and gentlemans.
I am a new player of EVE online, my first view of the game is good, but you now that is a bit difficult to play this game.
I want to ask you how can I get ISK in a fast and easy way.
Also I want to ask you what I need to go to the NullSec.

Thanks for your attention.

Udete Amilupar

No you do not need to go to null or low until you are much better at the game.

Use the corporation recruitment tool to find a new player friendly corp, or the recruitment forums.

Nothing can help your EVE experience more than a good corp.

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Welcome to EVEonline!

Take your time and learn what makes EVE the game it is and work out what’s important to you so that you may continue to enjoy the game as you have been so far.

There are not one specific way to easily get ISK in a fast manner; what’s more important is how much “fun” you can extract from what ever activity you choose to do, all while still earning ISKs here and there. Right off the medical bay I’d say the activity that can earn you significant amount of ISK is Exploration (Combat or Scanning).


Greetings, feel free to email me any question you might have, I will be glad to help.

if you want to go to null there’s a bunch of null groups that recruit newbies, From what I’ve heard they help with starting isk/ships/skills. Might be a bit boring to start but just salvaging some anoms will make you far more isk than you could make solo. From there probably get into a solo ratting ship and whatever pvp ships they want you in.

There are a number of Alliances/Coalitions in nullsec that have specific new player corporations.

If you really want to go to null, then the most social, instructive, supportive environments sit in these larger groups, as they have the player numbers and systems in place to help new players learn and thrive, where it would otherwise be a bit of a struggle.

The largest groups, all with fairly open recruitment policies for new players:



  • Part of Goonswarm (35,000 members)
  • There is always content 24/7
  • PVE fleets run around the clock
  • PVP fleets generally leave every 2 hours, often more regularly
  • Rich sov regions (105 sov systems across several regions)
  • Great support for new players (training, skillbooks, fitted ships, dedicated new player fleets)
  • Alpha character friendly
  • They generate a lot of third-party content also (eg. )


  • Everyone else in the game will think you’re a troll (but who cares what others think)
  • They rightly are a target of spies, so have extensive recruitment screening

Brand Newbros


  • Part of TEST Alliance Please Ignore (15,000 members)
  • There is always content
  • PVE fleets and PVP fleets available around the clock
  • Good support for new players
  • Alpha character friendly


  • Everyone else will think you’re incompetent (but you won’t be really)
  • Mega nerd sperg
  • You may need a reddit account (I’m not 100% sure on this)

Pandemic Horde


  • Created specifically for new players
  • Supported by Pandemic Legion
  • Large alliance (16,000 members)
  • Large areas of sov systems (142 systems across multiple regions)
  • PVP and PVE fleets available 24/7
  • Lots and lots of useful information for new players on their forums
  • Always content available, and people often roam to Horde space looking for fights


  • Lots of people roam in Horde space looking for easy kills (be aware if you a PVEing - which is also true of the other Alliances as well)

Brave Newbies


  • Created specifically for new players
  • Historical focus on undocking, regardless of the odds
  • Lots and lots of content and support for new players
  • Are growing again (7500 members)
  • Available sov systems (40 systems across 2 regions)
  • Always content available


  • History of imploding every couple of years (though that may have passed now)
  • Lots of people roam into Brave space looking for easy kills (depending on your perspective, this could also be an advantage)
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Everybody asks this, but if you have to ask, you arent skilled enough to do it.

Nothing. You can join any nullsec corp and go to nullsec.

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The answer is plain and simple: Buy PLEX for real money and sell them in ISK.
All other ways will help you to learn the game, but they are neither easy nor fast. But they are way more fun.

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I would personally try everything, drop the idea of corp loyalty and get friend loyalty.

I made the mistake of joining amerc corp (public enemy) the corp itself was fine but it didnt line up to my hours and I didnt really enjoy camping gatess, so after a few weeks of doing nothing I quit.
Basically the same story for when I was in a worm hole corp, everyone but me quit the corp and went nul leaving me behind, I didnt want to leave because of loyalty and I got lonely a quit eve again.

Long story short is if you dont like a aspect or want to try something new, just do it on the spot, soon you will know what you like and you can follow your joys.


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