What to do after Career Agent Missions?

Just completed all of them, still not entirely sure what path i want to go down but i definitely want to make a lot of ISK. Im only worth 200mil right now and have a long queue of skills being learned. I bought Omega membership!

Not sure what to do next. I joined a corp as well, seems to be an awesome group of peeps though a bit intimidating.

Should i do the Epic Arcs or? What next?

You joined a corp: Normally there’s some doctrine ships, get you some and learn to handle them. Probably you have to reset your skill queue.
Probably they offer some PVP 101 training - just ask. They are very happy to have an active and able wingman, so they should be eager to train you.

then you are on the wrong way
eve is a game not a job
find the thing you like to do (explo, pve, trading, industry, etc), where you have fun, and then earn some isks. Isks will allow you to skill inject and buy better ships for this activity, which will allow you to be better in this activity and try more difficult things (higher end pve, sleeper caches or explo in null sec hostile systems, building capitals, etc.) etc
Isks are a mean, not an objective per se

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