What Next?

(Doctor NoGood) #1

Hello all!

I might not be the newest player here but I have very little experience in the ways of eve, so here I am!
Anyways, my question is, simply put, what do I do after I start getting better?

I have been doing exploration for a while now and I have been advancing to more and more dangerous places (wormholes and low-sec) and recently I have really been starting to rake in the cash! I am now at over 300 mil ISK and near 800-ish mil net worth. I have been starting to dabble in combat sites with an ultimate goal of doing sleeper sites with an armor-tank (so I was told) gnosis with gauss cannons and drones.

That seems fun and all and I might get premium soon, but I am unsure on what to do next. I do not want to be caught in the endless grind of money making and pve RNG, personally… I want to try and join a corporation, but I am afraid that there will be none that accept me and I do not know how to effectively contact the party in question. (article more related to corporations, adding to title now)

But yeah, sorry for long post. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Erethond) #2

First off, remove the terrible formatting in your post :stuck_out_tongue: That will remove the likelihood of people just rolling their eyes and moving on.

As for what to do, given your aim of running combat sites in a WH, I’d say find a WH corp that’s new player friendly and does a bit of everything. There are some recruiting right now in the corp recruitment forum, start looking there.

Otherwise, if you have already capped your exploration skills, Your primary concern for fights is to survive, so start working towards a T2 tank for your gnosis (or as much T2 as possible as an alpha). Then you can concentrate on killing and work up on your weapon skills, first with whichever works with your current remap (ie drones if you have high memory, medium hybrids if you have high perception), then the other.

But really, your training priorities might be influenced by the corp you join too, (and if you are to live in a WH, there’s good isk to be made huffing gas too, which alphas can do quite well), so your first focus should be to find one.

(Doctor NoGood) #3

Hey Erethond,

Thank you for the reply! I now have a great idea of what I will be doing in the future.

As with WH corps, I would be interested in it but am afraid of living in wormholes without 100% certainty of safety. I will still check out the recruitment page for more info. Also, ,remapping is new to me… is it kind of like skill training?

Formatting fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

(Erethond) #4

A well established WH corp is relatively safe, but nothing is safe in WH space, that’s the point of it :smiley:

Joining a new WH corp, you can leave most of your assets in HS and just move in the ships you think you will use:

  • gnosis for PvE, maybe a cruiser if they run lower class sites
  • scanning frigate(s), one of your most useful contribution to corp, even as an alpha, is scanning and keeping bookmarks updated
  • venture for gas mining
  • pvp ships depending on if you can fly any of the corp’s doctrines
  • some kind of industrial to support your PI (another great income source in WH space, once you go omega)

Everything else you can leave in HS in case you need something to fall back on. Living in a WH is a lifestyle, you learn to depend on little and to export out whenever the occasion happens. Very different from, say, local HS packrat style.

It’s a lot of fun with a good corp and you never know what you will do when you log on, it all depends on what signatures you find and who else is online, so it is never boring.

Remapping is changing your character’s attributes to match the primary and secondary attributes of the skills you are training. Spaceship command and weapons skills are based on perception and willpower, whereas engineering and tanking skills use intelligence and memory, etc. Once you train longer skills (several days+) having the right attributes can make a big difference.

(Doctor NoGood) #5

Wow, there is a lot more to WH corporations than I anticipated! I think it is pretty neat how people can live in wormholes like that and never visit high-sec (at least for extended periods of time)

But yeah, my next course of action will be to search for any open corporations that are looking for new players to help out. I have gotten pretty good at exploration so I hope I can score a position in that field.

Anyways, thank you so much for helping me out. Your answers were easy to understand and were exactly what I was looking for.

I wish you the best of luck in the future!

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #6

Nowhere in EvE is 100% safe. Wormholes much less so than some other places. More risk = more reward.

If you like exploration and wormhole stuff you might be interested in Signal Cartel corp.

edit: https://forums.eveonline.com/c/exploration-gameplay-center


(Giddy McFee) #7

Whilst maybe a tad out of date there are many things you can do in eve

(Nesca Sion) #8


If you are interested in a corp that is truly about teaching others and helping to improve everyone’s game we are the corp for you. We accept Omega and Alpha players, we live on -0.5 space with full ADM’s (Including Enormous belts and massive ratting sites) and cover all time zones, so there is always someone to ask about anything. We encourage communication as a player can not get better at playing if they are worried about getting trolled for asking questions. Check us out in game @ Vow of Vengeance or see our full detail ad here: bit.ly/VoVInfo.

Please reach out to any of my recruiters to have a conversation to see if we are the right fit for each other.

Looking forward to meeting you,


(Doctor NoGood) #9

Thank you for the help!
I am still unsure what corporation to join but I will definitely consider this offer.
The corporation seems really nice for non-PvP strong players (like me) so this might be a great starting point.

Thanks again!

(Doctor NoGood) #10

Awesome! I will definitely consult this chart if I get unsure on what to do.
I still do not like the whole prospect of scamming and mission greifing though, so I may avoid them.
Even so, thank you for the help!

(Doctor NoGood) #11

Hello Nesca,

Unfortunately, I may not meet the required skill level needed to join the corps.
I will still talk to the recruiters though, thank you for the offer! :slight_smile:

(Nesca Sion) #12

Yes please do - we waive skill points levels for those willing to learn and be part of the team. It is all good, we do not judge because you have to start somewhere. Reach out when you are ready. :slight_smile:

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #13

also - https://forums.eveonline.com/t/how-to-find-the-corp-that-is-right-for-you/4451

(Giddy McFee) #14

Yeah it is not something I am comfortable with either, but as you may know it can be prevalent in some areas

(Kitty Bear) #15

The corp search tool is one place to start, you’ll find it on the neo-com (left side of the screen)
You can also put an add in the Corp Recruitment sub-forum

Personally I’d rate knowledge and/or experience over SP
If there’s an area of the game you’re interested in, see what guides are available about it & read them.
SP can be useful … especially if it’s focussed into the areas you wish to pursue.

(Keno Skir) #16

I like your name. Wanna be a pirate?

yarr… :parrotmustache:

(Doctor NoGood) #17

Very good point! I will still try and train lots but I will still focus on learning the game more and more. I know the site eve university is great for tutorials and guides for learning so I will be messing around in there.

Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

(Doctor NoGood) #18

Trust me, when I get time… I fully intend becoming a pirate :parrotmustache:

(Wombat65Au Egdald) #19

If you want to be a pirate in Eve, just remember, you don’t get to wear an eyepatch or a wooden leg, those are for your parrot. You do get to say Arrrrrrrrrr a lot though.

(Doctor NoGood) #20

Noted. Although an eyepatch or wooden peg appendages seem like something that should be added cough cough

Thanks for the reply~