Newbro needs advice

Here is my short story to help you understand where I am coming from.

I played my first month of EVE a year or so back and got around 700m isk by immediately getting into exploring. I quit due to RL and now have some more time on my hands. I have 2 asteros all fitted for Null and WH space (I love WH space for some reason) and have about 1.5b isk atm. (About 2 months of play time)

SO… I have joined some corps… signal cartel showed me the ropes of exploring and I LOVED them… seriously I cannot recommend them enough to new players and still plan on donating to their new player stuff. I then joined goon and did not really enjoy my time there, not anything they did but I just didnt have the skills trained to be effective in combat yet. I am now without a corp (Because getting war decced sucks in HS sometimes)

So the question: Where should I go? I am currently exploring and making isk but I really want to be a part of something new. I want to learn how to make buildings, how to pvp… start a small corp in null or WH space and be an essential part of growing something small into something big. These big corps are great… but it doesn’t feel like I can make a change for the positive for them. You know?

I just don’t know where to start, it does not seem like there are many small corps willing to take a relative noob with no combat skills.

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Thanks for the information!

Honestly, I think Signal Cartel will eventually be my forever home because those people are like unicorns…

BUT I am new and want to experience all that EVE has to offer before I retire to help folks out of WH space. I think I need to explore a month by myself and search my soul in the darkness of space to discover what I yearn for exactly.

I want to be driving a massive mining rig bringing ore to help complete some project my corp is working on.
I want to be the scout warning them of incursions.
I want to be the Logi saving the day in a massive battle
I want to help a corp haul their goods and run a buyback program
I want to be useful… to be needed in a corp. I think that Signal Cartel might eventually give me that… but I don’t know if I could ever settle to NEVER get into pvp again… I have yet to kill a ship.

This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense… time to hit the black canvas of space for awhile and think.

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It sounds from your posts that you seem to be interested in many non-pvp aspects of EVE. People love to comment negatively about that but there’s honestly nothing wrong with liking the support roles of industry, hauling, and intel gathering.

I get what you say about not feeling useful in fleets but again support roles shine for newbie. Tackle and electronic warfare are easy to fit and fly and help your team significantly. If you want to try out PVP you can check out Faction Warfare, that’s what I did. Because of the ship size restrictions complexes have, most people will fly frigates and destroyers which makes for “easier” war targets. I got my first solo kill not too long after joining up and there are many corps that focus on FW.

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Makes perfect sense. You have 3 characters on your account, maybe train up one to be a frigate pvper and scratch your pvp itch that way? If you like what signal cartel is doing, keep your main in there and enjoy what you like.


Make an alt. Winmatar.
Skill for Thrasher and turret damage first.
You only need two levels of each to be safe.

Warp to a gate.
Shoot an autopiloting pod.
Apply at New Order Logistics.

You wrote new … and this was funnier in my head, than it actually is. :blush:

My advice is not to engage in any of the things you listed: you’ll have a better time doing some sort of loose-ended gameplay or taking a backseat in player management of some kind.

WTF does this mean?


Pre-grease the wheels with hate.

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Management and Professional Ventures. It’s very popular these days. I run a consultancy agency based in Amarr.

sounds rather boring, TBF

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