What now?

I’ve finished SOE epic arcs, so I guess thats the end to the tutorials in eve. what can I do now? I was planning to do faction war, but I also need a source of income to compensate the possible losses.

Easy answer:

It is a sandbox, you can do what ever you like.

Want to mine, mine.
Want to trade, trade.
Want to do missions, do missions.
Want to scam people, scam them.
Want to do FW, do FW.
Want to go WH diving, probe one down

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While EVE is a sandbox, telling a new player that isn’t really helpful.

OP, you can start with level I and II missioning. Go into your Agency tab (first icon under your profile pic on the left toolbar), “Agents & Missions” > “Mission Agents” > “Security Agents”, and find the closest agent to you.

Go to him and once you’re there, click the blue “start conversation” button and carefully read the mission requirements. Check the mission name, and look at E-UNI’s mission reports. You’ll find very useful information such as what damage to deal/resist, how many enemies are likely to spawn and whether there are any completion triggers.

L1 and L2 missions don’t really give a whole lot of income (L4 and L5s are where the real money’s at, but you need faction or tech II battleships to complete them quickly), so you need to try out other activities like WH exploration, mining, trading, FW etc. But for a new player, you kind of need money to make money, missions are the most accessible thing to you right now if you can’t easily afford to replace lost ships.

(Of course, if you’re naughty you can always become a pirate, scammer or just gank people. Nothing’s stopping you from doing those either, just be ready to face some consequences from other players.)


how much do you suggest to play faction war in frigates? I really want to try PVP. can I make money in faction war? the only reward I know about faction war is loyalty points, which seems hard to earn.

I don’t really know tbh, but I imagine having enough ISK to quickly buy a fully fitted frigate (or whatever ship you’re using for FW) 2 times over should be relatively comfortable. So something like 5M ISK in your wallet I guess.

While the primary reward for FW is LP, you can also do regular missions in FW, and you get normal mission rewards (i.e. ISK, bounties and LP). You also get LP for popping enemy FW ships, and obviously you can loot and salvage their wrecks and sell the stuff you find for more ISK.

Someone who has been a veteran in FW can give you much better answers than I can. : )

and Yet JPoll’s answer is the good one. No epic quest, this is a sandbox, you can do what you like

I would suggest OP to find a corp, because being in corp will provide him objectives, aims, enemies, advices, friends etc
Belonging to somethg bigger than you will provide some sense to any of your activities


In faction warfare, you typically generate income through PVE missions but recent changes mean loyalty points are awarded for PVP kills. Player corporations may also offer a ship replacement program and other assistance for new players. FW corps also tend to place more emphasis on role-play. Amarr FW corporations I know of are:

Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque (SFRIM)

P.I.E. (Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris)

Have a chat with their recruiters.

If you think you might prefer Nullsec fleet PVP check out https://www.bravecollective.com/ currently involved in a major war so should be lots of opportunity to shoot stuff!

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While I agree @Felix_Isimazu, you just pointing him to missions isn’t also not helping as there is so much more to EVE then missioning😉



You gain LP through kills and completing FW objectives.

You hand them in for items and sell those

well I guess its really dangerous, but the reward would worth it.

So which of the activities in the tutorials/career agents did you enjoy most? Go do more of that.

What to do in EVE

Link: https://eve-guides.fr/images/wtd.jpg


guess this is the final answer. 42


you cannot ask US what YOU should do. In this sandbox, you have to find what you like to do or to be. You want to be a pirat? a scammer? live in a wormhole? join big wars between null sec blocks? do small fights in FW? try what you want. If you ask me, i will tell you what i like to do, but it might not be the good thing for you

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