Finished Agent Missions

I finished the agent missions for the station that I started out in. What do i do now? Should I join a corp? Go do the other missions at another station? Join the factional war?

Most people run missions. The unfortunate ones end up mining in hisec. You can also join a nullsec corp and have them protect you… mostly.

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If you want to you can continue to do the career agents located around in diffrent locations. They do give a good amount of isk and standings. + ships & items.

Otherwise you can do a few other things.

  1. Start doing missions for a npc corporation. Start with a low level mission and work your way up. Standing gains can be used in the loyalty points store where you can buy things that are usualy not produced or can be bought easely.

  2. You can do some mining and get a material income that you can use or sell on the local market. Wile you are at it you can try out something called project discovery. It can be found in the neocom meny.

  3. Exploration! Open up your probe scanner window and start exploreing :mag_right: Get to know what sites exists and learn how hard they might be.

  4. You can try your hand on trading :slight_smile: There are some items that are easy and made for new players to earn a small buck and learn the trade of tradeing.

  5. Faction warefare that you mentioned. You can join in here if you want to get involved in the faction wars but your movement will be “restricted” to only 2 factions sov.

  6. Join a group or a corporation that fitts your playstile. (I am currently recruiting if you would be interested then let’s have a interview)

(7. Read up on the loren and get an understanding of the lore, the map and the: who, what and when. + Reading up on the map description)

Definitely join a corp. They’ll provide knowledge and guidance at the very least, and possibly other benefits as well. I recommend doing the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc while you look for and apply to corps.

Newbro friendly corps include Eve University (Campuses in All Security Spaces), Pandemic Horde (mostly Nullsec, but with a HS wing), and Brave Newbies (nullsec). All these guys are great, but don’t let that dissuade you from going somewhere else. If you want to dive right in to FW, then go for it. You can search for corps in the corp window in game (sorry, don’t have a client up to give you specific directions to get there).

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. There are no SP requirements for PvP or for fun. If you don’t like doing something, stop doing it..

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Sister Alitura in Arnon waits for you!
This epic arc is a cool way to learn:
The tasks are getting harder until you have to kill a repping Cruiser with much DPS or a smart fitting. Enjoy!

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