When to jjoin a corporation

I finished the career agent missions and started on the Sisters of EVE arc (from what I have heard it is what most people do next) but now I’m wondering if it is worth it to join a corporation at this time. I’m not sure what I want to do “for a living” game wise, though I’m leaning towards mining/ manufacturing, but nothing in stone.

So I guess I’m asking other new players that may be in a corporation…is it something one should do at this stage or should I wait a bit until I figure out more of the game on my own?

Eve is not a game you should figure out on your own. Join a corporation, and do it as soon as possible. Eve is a game best played with friends, and playing in a group with people who have been playing a while is your best bet to get your foot firmly in the door of Eve.

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Thx for the reply. I’ll look into it. In any MMO I usually join a guild or team or whatever name they have for 'em that lets me kinda do my own thing while still being able to help or get help when needed. I am feeling this game is little different, so I’ll poke around and see if there is a corp that might be good for me.

Maybe this might be of some use to you, dunno:

Joining Corp was probably wise choice when I was new player, therefore I recommend joining corp.
Just make sure your new corp is active in your timezone, otherwise you will still find yourself playing alone.
Good luck!

I joined my first corp when I was about two weeks old, halfway through the SoE arc. It was a small Dutch language corp fumbling about in faction war a bit. Never regretted it, although they could’ve warned me about the FW bit, being halfway the SoE arc meant I was somewhere in Gal/Min high sec as a Caldari :smiley:

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