Just started playing again. It’s been years, and I never got really into the game, it got overwhelming fast. Trying to give it a fair shake now, reading/watching tutorials, etc. Taking my time in game to get a good handle on what I’m doing (not just blowing through quests).

So I’m trying to decide if I should start looking for a Corp to join, or wait till I’ve got a better handle on the game. I’ll probably be quite newbish for a while, but having played a lot of MMO’s I know a good Corp/Alliance/Guild can be a huge bonus to learning the game. What would the general hive mind suggest?

Do not wait, find a corp that doesn’t mind helping newbros out and join them as soon as you can, having a group of people to assist you with all your questions and learning the ropes will keep you in the game a lot longer than trying to figure it all out on your own.


Personally I took the time to get some footing in the game before I joined a corporation.

I played a couple of weeks just getting used to the basics like ‘how do I navigate somewhere’, ‘how do I trade’, ‘how do I kill enemies’, ‘how do I mine’, ‘how do I fit a ship’, and all those other questions that new players have when they play a new game.

After that, I looked for a corporation to join. And that order would be my recommendation to newbies too.

Joining a corporation can be really helpful, but it does add another layer of complexity on the game, with learning how to use the corporation’s resources like logging in on their IT systems, getting to know how to join their fleets, learning their social rules, learning how to survive in their part of space, etc. So, while the corporation can help you find your footing ingame, joining one immediately can also initially make the game more overwhelming.

I’d join a corporation soon, but don’t feel like you immediately have to join one. If you feep you could use it, give yourself some days to a couple of weeks of getting used to the basics of the game to get over the feeling of being overwhelmed by the game before you join a corp!

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as others said, joining a corp will provide you advices, fittings, lessons about basics. But most importantly, it will provide you people to cooperate with, friends to talk about eve/football/love/politics/ etc, and it will ususally provide you goals: enemies to fight, things to build, skillplans to follow etc
It will give you some sense for your daily activities
And if you get hooked you will finally meet them at the fanfest and have a beer with them


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