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So I’m kinda new to this structure of a game where I can go into a community and ask for help. I recently started playing, about I’d like to say a week now, still completely new to everything, and I’ve been watching a ton of Videos to help me get started. I learned from a video that this is one of those games that being in a Corporation is definitely a thing to do, and I’m normally a solo player that gets into that stuff much later because certain games with Guilds and Alliances “require” you to have some sort of strength. So my question is, What would be a good Corp to join that could kind of help me understand the game better and teach me things I don’t honestly know? Maybe also a good group all around? From what I can see this community is a lot more positive than others comparatively, so any thoughts or ideas would be very much appreciated

Hello and welcome.

You are correct, getting into a player corporation is the most advisable direction, and not all corporations are created equal. Eve is a bit different than a lot of other ‘guild’ games in that you’re not getting in a ‘guild’ to run dungeons or bosses or raids or anything like that. Some sort of equivalence does exist in certain areas of the game, but just as many don’t have that kind of content in them as well.

Because Eve has such wildly varying gameplay options, to best answer your question it kind of depends on what you’re after. If you’re wanting a ‘general Eve education’ sort of thing, then a corporation like Eve University or Castabouts might be a good option. Both are newer player focused with varying operations around the universe, and neither are so overly large you’re going to be just another ant in the pile. They’re not tiny, either, so there’s usually people about/doing stuff.

If you’re wanting something more along the lines ‘Grand Space Empire recruit,’ then Karmafleet might be a good choice. The entity they’re part of is one of the largest and most successful alliances in game. But, this is Eve. Choosing to be in a group that’s part of the major Null politics blocs could also raise some questions down the line, though I think a lot of the age of espionage is pretty much dead at this point.

If you’re wanting something more small and personal/personable, then I’d recommend taking some time to ‘show info’ on some of the groups in your local area. Find a couple that look interesting, interact with them a bit, see if you like them, then give 'em a try. Joining a corporation in modern Eve is rarely an end all be all decision. Like I said, the age of espionage that was the mid 2010’s is pretty much over, so you can always leave a corporation if they’re not working out and try another.

Barda Kasai, replied to you in game, feel free to hit us up!

Wanna make enough isk to plex your account or fund other activities? USIA is looking for budding mission runners to help raise standings and make great isk doing it. Even as a new pilot we can guide you.

Considering we are a service moreso than a corp, you can work for us and still be in another corp

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