Joining an active corporation

(Cid Savage) #1

Im looking to join an active corporation that focuses primarily on PVP and PVE. I’m new to EVE ( I’ve been playing 7 days) and I find this game quite interesting. Any takers?

(Xuxe Xu) #2
(Retribution atSubZero) #3

That’s what I want to do also.

(Oliver Delorean) #4

To all the new people joining their first corporation…
Timezone is one very big thing to take note!
Your new Corp might be active but not in your timezone.
Before joining, always do research or ask Corp leaders…

(Dravick Afterthought) #5

Another thing to consider is the corporate ‘time of day’ - I’m in a corp with other UK/european members, but I’m a ‘morning person’ and they all seem to be ‘evening people’. Consequently I usually spend the mornings in Eve on my own, and the bulk of corporate activity starts just as my day is winding down. They’re nice people, so I’m reluctant to move - but I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to be in a corp which is active at the same time as I am.

(Tryme Trymsson) #6

Contact me in the game through a mail or convo. (Bettet success with mail) and let’s see if i can help you out.

(Retribution atSubZero) #7

That post was 3 days ago.