HELLO i am a new player to eve online i need a corp asap i intend to do mining and pve i am an alpha also prefreblly need a asian time zone corp

Well, you’d probably have better luck posting in and searching the recruitment center. You can also search through corp ads in the corporation window in game.

There are a ton of good and terrible corps out there, and unfortunately, I don’t know much about most of them. However, some newbro friendly corps with good reputations include Eve University, Brave Newbies, and Pandemic Horde (which now has a highsec wing). You’re also likely to bump into Silent Company (SiCo). While I haven’t heard anything bad about them, I also tried asking around if anyone knew if they were any good or not, and no one had anything positive to say. Everyone just seemed to think that they got huge by spamming more recruitment emails than anyone else ever in the history of MMO’s.

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thank you good sir

Joining a corp is not a marriage. Just try, you can leave any time.
You should always have a chat with an executive before joining a corp, so you get a feeling for the guys behind the names and they see if your playstile matches. If it doesn’t in most cases they know different other corps and contacts that might suit better.


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