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After mulling over a few options in corporations I joined one, but I don’t think its a good fit for me. I noticed that there are rarely more than three members online when I am and I have NOT seen any of them in-game anyway. After I looked on the corporation screen it looks like many of the people have not logged on for weeks or months.

It also doesn’t help that they seem to have had war declaration plopped on them an hour after I signed on. But the main thing is since hardly any members are there its pretty much like being solo anyway. I am on the East Coast US and I’m usually on in the morning or mid to late afternoon and evening here. (retired military and I work at home now) . Is it bad form to just leave a corporation so soon and look for another? I always feel bad if I just quit a group in a game, but I’m really not seeing any benefit in staying in this one.

Have a look at the recruitment thread in these forums, you can either post yourself looking for a corp, or browse through the adverts corps make. When you speak to them make sure you are asking them the question relevant to you (activity levels, time zones most active etc)

Absolutely not. First and foremost, this is a video game. You have to find what makes it fun for you. This includes finding the right Corp.

I would suggest you look for corps that are not new. Newer corps that say they just started, are not going to be very good.

Next, look at a killboard for a Corp. If you go to, you can look up a Corp history and see who joined or left, and more importantly check their killboard to see how active they are.

Quit your Corp and join a better one. It’s your time and you should spend it well.

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Not in the slightest. Especially for a new player, it is sort of expected you’ll need to look around.

Finding the right corp is one of the more daunting tasks a new player faces in EVE. The right corp can make learning and experiencing the game so much easier and engaging, just as being in the wrong corp can leave a bad impression.

Don’t worry about leaving, just do it. If your current corp is not a good fit, don’t waste your game time mulling over “what ifs”, just leave quietly and be on your way.

The following are some questions that may help you find a better fit:

  1. What is the time zone the majority of members play in?

  2. How many players are active, during that time period? (One of my alts is in a 700 plus member corp, of which only about a dozen characters are ever active. The rest of the characters never log in at all, so on paper the corp looks like it should be a busy hive of player activity; but in essence it is a dead corp. So, the activity level is important.)

  3. What sort of activities are those active players engaging in? (If you’re interested in industy, look for other players engaging in industy. Same goes for any other area you’re interested in game.)

  4. is there an official “mentor(s)” in the corp? Someone who will be patient and gracefully answer your questions. Or, perhaps they hold “classes” for their new members? Or is it simply catch as catch can?

  5. What kind of culture does the corp have? Culture is a word you’ll hear a lot of in EVE in reference to the social aspect of corp life. Some corps have very high expectations of their members in as far as their knowledge of the game, or the time they expect their members to commit playing each week, or their tolerance to irl interuptions, just as some corps require “family” friendly chats/comms, with a low or zero tolerance to slurs, profanity, & vulgarity, or the flip side, where you may have to have a thick skin to socialize.

One of the important things to remember in selecting a corp is, for many EVE players, EVE is more than just a game. It’s their hobby, and they may be very passionate about it.

One last word of advice, corps flourish and die, and sometimes the corp “culture” changes as the membership changes, so if you ever find yourself reluctant to log in to play EVE ask yourself this: am I reluctant to log in because I don’t want to deal with this, that, or some other corp drama or corp member, or am I just tired of the game? They are two separate issues, and a new corp…new friends can be just that different perspective that brings back life and energy to your game time.

Welcome to EVE. It’s a great game, may you enjoy your time here.



No, quit that “corp” immediately. They are not there for you.

first, remember that in eve, even things which would seem bad in real life (scamming, being a pirat, etc) are not seen as “bad”
the only limits are those you set up for yourself (as long as you are not cheating). I would not betray and awox my corpmates, for example. But that’s my choice. it is allowed by the game

second, leaving a corp is not bad at all, if it does not suit to you. If you want to behave as a perfect gentleman, feel free to send your corpmates a mail just when you leave to tell them that you are leaving, why, and to wish them the best.

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