Starting out manufacturing where to start?

Ok my manufacturing people I need advice on how to get started manufacturing. Like what to do first, how to find what brings in the money and such. Or just waiting and ME/TE all my BPO’s and then make copies so I can invent the T2 stuff. Thanks for any help.

It sounds to me like you are already off to a great start! Most people will be real hush about what they are doing in manufacturing and the Eve markets. They won’t want to create their own competition.

  1. why you want to do industry?

  2. Industry don’t generate isk. Your income is from trading. If you plan on doing manufacturing for profit I strongly suggest you learn about market first and do your research. Buying inputs from trade hub and selling back end product, will be harsh when just starting out. Consider looking out for alternative markets to sell your products.

  3. Researching BPO’s takes time. With low skills, even small stuff will take around week to get 10/20 BPO. While you can buy them from contracts for cheap (sub 100mil). Opportunity cost is important.

  4. Setting up your efficient industry line will take time and even more isk. Find something else to (and generate isk) while you slowly build your industrial warehouse. Over time, once you gonna maker more and more stuff it will naturally switch from passive, low attention activity to your main thing

  5. Spreadsheets. You won’t go far without them

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Look for T2 rigs production in lowsec as a starter. Low volume hence no transport issue. Also setting that up teaches you a lot. Something should make a profit accounting for buy from sell orders and sell to buy orders in Jita. If one is not true parts of the profit is from trade. Of course in real you sell via sell order to get the trade margin on top.

I got my start in industry making and selling small T1 rigs. The blueprints are cheap and quickly researched. The skill requirements are low. The demand is high.

You need to study the market - some rigs are very profitable; others are currently selling below build cost. I recommend choosing one of the smaller markets to get started - volumes are lower but margins are generally higher than Jita. With skill and experience you’ll be ready to move into T2 production. As @Tipa_Riot points out, T2 Rigs are also a profitable niche. You may make higher margins in lowsec but need to balance that against higher risk - I sell T2 rigs in highsec trade hubs - it’s good business.

t2 small guns are pretty easy, dunno what the profits look like right now but with the proving grounds and hunt event there should be pretty good demand right now.

The operative word there is “should”.
I have had those beliefs - more generalised as “everyone uses guns, guns will be good profits” which I then went and acted on.

The lesson I learnt was “research and facts are more accurate than unsupported beliefs”.
It was a damned expensive lesson.

As an unrelated matter:
Are there any budding industrialist that wants to buy some Mega Beam Laser II BPCs from me (2/4/10 - nice standard ones)? They make guns. Everyone needs guns - just think of the huge profits you’ll make off really big guns. And I can provide you with the BPCs to fast track you into those astronomical profits.

everyone uses guns, but no one uses mega beams :frowning:

On that note light neutron blasters cost ~820k to make and sell for 1,040k, that’s a 200k build profit. Of course note your invention costs, build fees, and trade taxes. but that’s a pretty good margin

True, but in general - and compared to other items you can make - guns are modest, and variable profit.
Back of the envelope: on a small module/turret you lose 100k each in install and invention costs. The broker charges and taxes on a 1m ISK model are another 25k or so.
It gets thin quickly.

Pinching from Blueprint Calculator - Blueprint Display (thank-you @Steve_Ronuken - a very useful tool)

10x Light Neutron Blaster II
Item Unit Price = 1,138,284.38 
Job Material Cost = 8,963,262.71 
Job Base Price = 4,057,904.27
Install Price = 387,895.07
Invention Cost = 629,399.90
Profit (Sell - Material - Install) = 1,402,286.12

That’s buy, sell and make at Amarr EFA - which I’m well aware isn’t the most cost effective place to manufacture, but it saves haulage time. 2/4/x10 run since that’s what comes out of natural invention run.

Yeah, I make small turrets - and the occasional run of medium turrets - and it really is a case of spot and pick the opportunities. It’s nice line filling work, but it isn’t bread and butter stuff.

The general point I was making was “do your research” and don’t trust to instincts.

Another point is to restock trade hubs. Only if someone produces/loots and sells guns, you can buy guns, so this is important for the game and other players, too.

I agree - there is a benefit to the wider playerbase in making sure we have a running economy and that items are easily available on the market hubs (I care about Amarr - the heathens can look after their own). That, and an opportunity to make a profit (though I try not to abuse the position) is something I do consider.

All things are interlinked.

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