How to get into manufacturing

The title, mostly. My problem is this:
1, I find I enjoy this, but I have no idea what the hell I am doing.
2, I’ve looked into some of the sites for EVE, like EVE industry, but I don’t know how to really, truly use them.
And please explain all of this to me:

  1. How do I get people to buy while still making profit?
    I am an Alpha clone btw.
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Q1: You turn basic materials into useable goods. You need a station providing factory space, time, skills, blueprints, and basic materials.

Q2: Watch some tutorials. EVE has a steep learning curve, it’s perfectly normal to feel lost at the beginning.

Screenshot: This is a third party tool that shows how to combine all the needed parts to produce Cap Boosters 100 and calculates / simulates the result: Which station, quality of skills, quality of the blueprint, number of runs.

Q3: Alphas are restricted trial accounts. You won’t make a fortune that way, but you definitely can learn how it works. After a while you find patterns and niches that work out for you.

Think I could find a way, later on, to plex my account doing this? I’m not looking anytime soon, since I know it’ll take awhile to get there. If so, what products/activities do you think I could do to plex it?

I’m sure it’s possible, but it’s difficult solo because you’re facing better capitalized market competitors. i’d look for an indy corp who know the intricacies of it. You can try to profit immediately by looking for items that should be on the market and arent and making those, but margins are so narrow that its often cheaper to buy and ship from jita. I’d recommend instead pick a couple blueprints that you will find personally useful, shuttles, ammo, favorite frigate and research those while you learn.

I don’t believe it is possible to make any profit on manufacturing yourself as alpha clone.

Even if you will be able to manufacture something for less than Jita sell, the alpha clone market taxes will eat your whole profit anyway.

I would suggest joining an indy/manufacturing corp too. For example the corp I’m in has monthly projects to build all sorts of hulls, modules, and charges to assist the alliance in Faction Warfare.

Check this thread out if you’re interested: High-Sec Indy Corp Looking for Returning Players

Ain’t been selling at Jita. I’ve still made a profit though.

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Know any small corps then that would be willing to take me in?

i have no personal recommendations, in general i have had better luck with corps advertising on forums than the ingame corp ads

Not really, I am a pretty heavy industry guy and I pay for a sub with RM.

You have to clear around 80 million a day every day for 30 days to plex your account. So unless your thinking of making EVE your second job uhhh No

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