I have kinda stepped up

From my last post a few days ago i have stepped up this steep learning ladder and with your help and kind people that have donated funds to me and my corporation i have been able to take my first courier contract , mine and reprocess, compress and sell with succes. I have experienced lots of new things in New Eden thanks to its mostly lovely comunity.

As I have found out a rather exciting and complex endeavour in eve business is manufacturing. And what else is more enticing than creating your own ship from scratch. As i hopped into the industry tab i noticed i din’t have a clue about what exactly the mechanics are for this.

So here i am again asking for your help. Should I manufacture ships? If so, where do i start, what do i do? If maybe it ain’t a starter’s alpha place to do it… What other things can i go in as an industrialist?

Thank you in advance for your tips and tricks :slight_smile:

Also i might do another post just mentioning the people who were kind enough to spare a thought or advice or even ISK, because i have played mmos for a while and i was so used to toxicity this is making me slightly uncomfy :joy::joy::man_facepalming:t2:


Ammunition and fuel blocks seem to be the best thing to manufacture. They provide good margins and the demand for them is spread out. In other words, people do not necessarily fly to one of the few market hubs to buy them. You will have difficulty competing with the established traders in Jita and Amarr, so selling products remotely would be better for you.


@Xeux Thank you for the heads up. 'preciate it :ok_hand:

For you own use - sure, that could be kinda fun. For selling? No, profit margins are too thin.

Don’t worry there’s plenty of…“intensity”, stupidity, stubborness, meanness, and trollfesting here on the good ol’ forums - folks just often avoid doing so (intentionally…mostly…maybe…) in this subforum. Go read a little of the General Discussion subforum, you’ll feel right at home.

EvE actually does have a good community, though.


Mining crystals. Be prepared to travel around, see what kind of ores are in the belts in a region, and put up sell orders (and/or fill buy orders) where you see the most people mining. You can likely get full market rate for them, just have to be patient as they will sell.

I know at least two things about Eve:
There is no shortage of miners
Miners (like most players) will pay for convenience.


@Wanda_Fayne I’m curious tho… With this new event coming up, nerfing normal mining and PI… Is this bad news or good news for new alphas? Also idk about pod killing being encouraged, but that’s another topic.

@Xuxe_Xu I see, thanks for the advice :muscle:

The resource rebalance will mostly impact large, industrial scale operations. Fleets of Rorquals can no longer find enough ore to justify the risk. On the other hand, ore belts in empire space have not been affected and there still seem to be lots of mining anomalies in highsec - currently 7 anomalies within 2 jumps. Solo and small fleet mining should be even more profitable as scarcity elsewhere pushes up prices.

For manufacturing, Alpha skills are deliberately restrictive. CCP doesn’t want veteran players using an army of free-to-play characters to disrupt the economy. There are 3rd party tools that can help you decide what to build - I use https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/ to determine production cost and https://evemarketer.com/ to decide if I can sell it profitable given that cost.

As an Alpha, you have limited access to the accounting and broker relations skills so you will pay higher brokerage and taxes - be sure to build them into your cost.

In addition to the advice offered earlier, I recommend taking a look at T1 rigs - some of them are extremely profitable - the small Anti-EM screen reinforcer is an example I’ve been using for years. Current build cost is about 15K ISK and it’s selling for roughly 60K in the major hubs.

Good luck.


@Do_Little has covered everything I was going to add, but I’ll throw a couple of things in:

It is definitely worth researching ME (material efficiency) on any Blueprint Originals you get. A 10% reduction in materials helps profitability.

Watch out for the skills needed for some manufacturing jobs - T1 rigs require the appropriate rigging skills for example.

I find ships to be disappointing business. Everybody thinks they are a good idea, everyone mines ore to make 'em thinking “ooh free stuff!”. The smart ones know of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (1776*) and look at the end to end time/profit and do it better.

Think about what mission runners and other Capsuleer needs are: that will indicate demand and markets. You are after modest profits at high turnover - unless you can afford to have capital tied up, then turnover is going to be more important than sheer profitability of an item.
Cheap T1 Ammunition is used by mission runners. Look at mission ship fits and see what they use as consumables. Cap Booster charges can be a nice earner.

Be aware of the cost of updating an order - it’s now a significant consideration which drives getting the price right first time or at least selling in smaller batches.

I initially paid my way with a mix of T1 manufacturing and mission running with a bit of mining. It’s steady but not mind-blowing income - but it worked at the right rate for me as I learnt to live in New Eden.

Basically: go for it, learn from it, if a particular item or idea doesn’t work for you then cut your losses and use your capital elsewhere.

Using your industrial profits to bankroll a war?
Why make one ship when you can fit out a Navy to allow your fellow believers to keep fighting and change a small part of New Eden?
I don’t do “looks innocent”

*and arguably the most important publication of that year…

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There’s a special need for Destroyers in ganking areas :wink:
But as already said, it’s fun to build your own ships, and T1 ships just need standard minerals, but not much profit.
Get yourself some BPCs (BluePrint Copies, limited runs), which are sold via contract in all the major tradehubs, just for a try before investing into BPOs (originals, unlimited and improveable, much more expensive).

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Thanks guys. Your input is much appreciated.

Last tip,

Find a facility that has low fees and taxes. One of the many public citadels will serve you well. Just don’t leave all of your eggs sitting in that one basket :wink:

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  1. if you did not find toxicity toward you it is because you seem to have the good behaviour, searching to learn and improve, test, try and not whining.

“Should you?” it depends on your aim:
“should you” do it if you wanna earn isks? no. As an alpha, you will compete with omega vets with access to facilities, better skills etc, and it will be hard for you as a beginner to get decent isks from industry
“should you” do it if you find it fun, and if you wanna feel proud because you built your own ship? surely yes! do the things you find fun.

tldr: if you like industry: go for it! find another activity (explo, mission, …) to get some isks to found your industrialist career
Once you get some isks, level up your indust skills, invest some isks in buy orders to get some components at the lowest cost possible, buy bpos, etc
Also find an indust corp, where you will have access to thousands of bpos/bpcs, where miners will sell you some minerals for cheaper price, etc

But… if you like eve as it seems to be the case, you should quickly upgrade to omega status. The cost of the abo is less than a mc donald meal per month…


@Wyk_Bathana I would upgrade in a heartbeat lol but i tend not to give in putting money in virtual entertainment. Especially if it’s for a limited time

Your choice. But as more people take your attitude, there is less money for game development and the nickel-and-dime micro transaction model will take over.


That’s unfortunate. EvE needs more players with potential like yourself.

I’ve found EvE to be one of the cheapest hobbies I’ve had and actually pretty good value for the entertainment.


That’s a very blanket statement - no cinema? no “pay once, one thing, end, no repeat unless you pay again”. A very quiet boring life, re-reading the same books time over time. No nice cup of coffee you can only drink once? No meal out? No pizza infront of the telly with a friend?

All “entertainment” is transient and “virtual” - it is what makes life interesting and fun.
Eve falls into the same category - it costs less than a trip to the Cinema each month, or a good coffee out in a coffee shop - with a nice book and a bit of cake.

If you enjoy Eve, subscribe - expand your options, dive deeper into the pool and enjoy yourself. Don’t wear a hair shirt on a principle of “I don’t do…”. Live a little.

The guiding rule in Eve is:
Alphas are generalists, modest at everything.
Omegas can specialise and become good at something.


@Terak_Romaller you’re making a statement as if eve has something to offer me irl. Cinema time, friends and pizza that’s something that builds up a social life. However, eve offers entertainment only. Nothing that translates into real life. And what’s up with reading the same book over and over again? :joy::joy: If it’s a good one you never get tired of re-reading.
Also if i really get entangled in eve i might put money into it, if it’s getting more and more difficult as alpha. But i don’t see why, not even 10 days into playing it.

True, and I re-read quite a few books as well as new books! Personally I like the late 19th Century Empire Romances, but that’s me. They don’t write them anymore…
Most things are transitory, even a good night out with friends is that.

It’s more “don’t miss fun because of a principle” - as you are only ten days in, then waiting is sensible. You don’t have to buy a years subscription straight off and Alpha is a good time to get used to life in New Eden.

Eve is a social game (more than anything else!) - I’ve made good friends in Eve I’ve gone on to meet in RL, and those I hope to meet up with. You can do that as either an Alpha or Omega. I also have a view that giving CCP the funds to continue to keep Eve fresh isn’t an unreasonable exchange (to me it’s like buying a drink in a Pub when you visit rather than just sitting chatting to friends in a corner freeloading on the publican’s good nature) - but that is my personal belief and wish to pay for what I get out of it.

Everyone is different and has different objectives and views in life. This can easily be a subjective belief driven argument - and neither side “wins” those.

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I see you’re a man of culture as well :))) Again, if i really get into it, i might pay. Now it’s just a trial time. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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