High-Sec Indy Corp Looking for Returning Players

CEC-Group is a small corp and growing. We help new players learn the ways of EVE. Our corp is like a lot of players in EVE we took a vacation for sometime and are getting back into the game. We partnered with a great alliance that is also growing and things are looking good. Maybe you can help grow with us.

  1. We Mitigate our members Risks – We are an Industrial corp but we encourage players go out have fun.
    a) Our Corp is does not do PVP other than structure defense.
    b) Our Alliance does do PVP and Fleet Ops you have the option to attend fleets or not.
    c) We have hangers full of free ships go fly in them, get killed, come get another one.
  2. We Live and operate in Minmatar Space and we expect our people to fly Minmatar ships. Is this a requirement right now NO. but we will expect you to start training in that direction.
  3. We Mine A LOT. Are you required to mine NO Do you have to make X number of fleet mining ops NO Do what you want but you will be missing out on what we do.
  4. We have discord we want you on discord as well. We try and keep a pretty clean conversation PG-13 or we try. Example: my wife plays in this corp, and some of our grown kids, so there is a certain level of respect always.
  5. We are a more mature group so we are not full drama. We just wanna play and meet other players.
  6. Ganking, Piracy, Extortion, Griefing or Gate Camping ARE NOT TOLLERATED by our corp…
  7. Gank Baiting, and Gate Camp Bashing are rewarded.

Hi Logix, kindly find some info to our Alliance: [Ally LF Corps] Federation of Independent Mining Corporations

contact me in Game Aras

Keep flying My friend Bump

Bump fly safe o7

I am interested. I like the high sec ethos now since I’m playing a bit less that would be great. I have been in a few 0 sec corps since I left high sec. I am a 39M skill point player, with Minmatar battleships unlocked. Many points in Gallente and Minmatar allied high sec runs.

Great Thrallok Stop by our Public chat channel 2Mine and hang out. We might be a fit we might not. but either way good conversation never hurt Right ! o7

looking forward to flying with you all bump

First post Cool Welcome to the Forums. Glad you made it o7

Still recruiting

We are growing, if you really want to learn Industry or want to refine your skills we can help

Drop us a line let BUILD some stuff togeather

Looking for a home check us out

bump Come fly with us and join a growing community.

Send me a message in game for more info.

Thanks for the info Aras But i am kind of happy with my alliance they ROCK

Mining and building ships togeather.

we are building and build we need more indy people come make some ISK

What TZ/EVE time are you active ?

We are mostly EU and USA players