Indy Players Looking for a new home?

CEC-Group is a small corp and growing. We help new players learn the ways of EVE. We have partnered with a great Indy alliance and arm of a larger faction warfare group. Maybe you can help grow with us.

We Mitigate our members Risks – We are an Industrial corp but we encourage players to go out and have some fun.
Our Corp does not do PVP other than structure defense.
Our Alliance are experts at PVP. It is all they do all day, everyday.
We have hangers full of free ships, go fly in them, get killed, come get another one.
We live and operate in Minmatar Space and we expect our people to learn to fly basic Minmatar ships. We will expect you to start training in that direction.
We build a lot Modules and ships, Tech I, Tech II, Tech III. We make this process easy so anyone can help build and our members make all the ISK not the corp.
We mine a lot, A LOT. We have mining fleets several times a day. We mine in heavy tanked ships for safety and security. Heavy Tanking may take a little longer to mine but we have more conversations. We don’t allow AFK mining.
We try to keep pretty clean conversations PG-13 or we try. Example: my wife plays in this corp, and some of our grown kids, so there is a certain level of respect always.
We are a more mature group so we have no tolerance for DRAMA.
We are not willing to pay our money to be with TOXIC people.

We have some hard rules, Ganking, Piracy, Extortion, Griefing or Gate Camping, ARE NOT TOLERATED by our corp EVER.

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Hi, I very much like the sound of your corp but I’m not currently keen on comms outside of the EVE chat. Understandably, that can be an issue for many corps - wondering how you are fixed in that regard? Thanks.

Yes, Discord access and text chat is REQUIRED, Voice chat is NOT.
Discord is how we post our corporation programs,
Like buy back
Ship replacement
Discord is where people from diffrent time zone leave messages and Intel.
Our discord has forums, and tons of information used by our corp members


With the changes to Faction Warfare we have been busy, building ships come build some with us

Your corp sounds real nice, what time zone do you play in? Also do you have anyone that like to run Abyssals? I love the 20 min die or win idea. I just can’t seem to get the hang of it.

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Hello Jason, we have a few that run L4 Missions and F/W Complexes a few Abyssal runners but not many. it seem people get bored with them pretty quickly. I don’t run them So I don’t know why. Our Corp Times Zones include UK EU and the USA, We have a few down under but they are hit or miss.

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how would one talk to you more cause i feel i would be a great member in your corp?

The send me a message in game and we will see what we can do.

As a CEO I understand My job quite well, I think.
I give my people the tools and recourses to do things.
Pay them well for the work the do.
I don’t complicate things.

Being a newbie and all, I don’t know how to “reply in game”. I’m looking at chat, corporate, but don’t see your name. I have two characters I’d like to have join your corporation, on trial anyway. Suggestions or details please? Forgive the ignorance.

Send me a message in game if you are interested in how we do things

Still the one of the best Indy corps in Eve come fly with us

Send this Character a message in Game, and we will talk.

I’ll send you an in game message.

Yes in the top left of the there is a search box Type my name in there

I’m considering a new home for me and my mining toons. You say you mine a lot, do you have your own moons or is this belt mining? Any details on your buyback, where you are, blueprints (if any) and that sort of thing?

We moon 2 days a week. We also have belt mining fleet daily and and Ice mining fleet once a week. All in High Sec

Looking forward to hearing from you drop this toon in game

Looking forward to meeting you all. BUMP

Wow the expansion has brought a lot of players back you get a free 7 days Omega might as well try it out to see what all the hype is about