Returning player looking for an Indy Corp

Good Morning Pilots o7

I have just started playing eve again after finally getting a PC after not having one for over 10 years! I did try to play again about 3-4 years ago but had a laptop which didn’t run it too well so quit again.

It’s been a while since I played properly. There was no planetary exploration, Alpha and Omega etc, not even Titans. Hell, if I remember back there weren’t even battlecruisers or mining barges. Yes, it’s been that long! Day one player here! lol A lot has changed and while I am a returning player, treat me as a noob as that’s how I currently feel at the moment!

I’m looking for a Corp who are accepting Indy/trade players. I will be looking into planetary exploration also so any corps that’s could give me advice on that would be great.

I’m 30m living in the UK. Times online vary due to shift work and will be online anywhere between 8am right through to 3am EVE time.

I have never been experienced with PVP and nullsec so will not be looking to do that for a long time, especially considering I’m starting a new character instead of resuming with my old one, but in the future I would like to venture out into the unknown and will be willing to help out should a war break out between us and someone else.

My aim is to get my BP skills up so I can do an array of ships, which I would want to help contribute towards the corp, especially new players. (When I did use to play, my corp had me make ‘packages’ full of everything a player would need to get started on their chosen career path). Because of my lack of PvP and nullsec, I would stay in high sec, helping new players with mining, missions running, trading etc while they would go out and do their null sec business :slight_smile:

So yeah, that’s me. If anyone in the Jita area is willing to take on an ‘experience noob’ then let me know.

Fly safe! o7

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Hi, I am the head of logistics for Meteor Industrial Complex. We currently have moon drills, an engineering complex, and our own market. We are always looking for new players to join with us. We are a very laid back corp who focuses on industry. If you interested join our in game chat channel its the same as our name.

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Greetings Lucas,

I run a coalition of corporations collectively known as the “Freelancer Family”. We have a strong not too big & not too small community in EU/NA time zones. We set solid goals for our team. Since you would like to do industry, we have two corps in our family that would suit you well. One of them is a multi-role corp that does combat and industry related activities. The other is a fully non-wardeccable corp meant for industry and incursion running players. They are all however the same team. We have an open door policy between the corps so that players can get any range of content they want. Eve mail me for more info or a conversation(I can send and receive eve-mails on my phone)!

In short we offer:
-solid teamwork
-strong, integrated, and secure discord for communication
-pilot training with patient leadership
-Mining, combat(PVP or PVE), and exploration fleets

William Hazel
Freelancer Family Admin
Fly Free!

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I won’t write as much as coleagues before me, but maybe our small corp would interest You. Check out FS-I (Federation Star Invention). We’re mining/indy focused but also been doing a lot of missions and sites. If You want to know something more, contact me in-game

Safe travels, capsuleer o7

Hey Lucas, we’re an established WH corp with good income from relic & social ratting. We’re EU/UK TZ with a good number of players from the UK. Check out our corp post and drop in for a visit in our public chat channel -418-

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