2 newbs looking for corp


We are 2 newbs looking for a newb friendly/friendly returning player corp, someone to show the ropes, so to say.

I’m personally more inclined for mining (hi/lo/null), and maybe manufacturing/industrial. He’s a bit more into pve/pvp stuff. Would love to end up in same corp.

Generally just looking for friendly and laid-back people to play the game with. We are nordics/eu, so preferably something not too far from our time zone (EET/UTC+2).

Both of us have Discord/mic. Contact through me or Cookiesaurus, or just respond here and we’ll get back to you.

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Welcome to the game! MTAAC, the entry level corp for Agartha Forgeries, part of the Triumvirate Alliance, would love to have you! We have lots of experience in all aspects of the game and would love to help you get the ball rolling. Agartha Forgeries Feel free to join here and ask any questions you may have, or even just come hang out!

We could take your both at The Order of Omerta. We are into group activities and are newbro and returning player friendly.

We can get you into indy and teach your buddy how to kill all under one roof.

If interested stop on by and we’ll chat The Order of Omerta

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out and expressing your interest in joining our corporation. We’re excited to hear that you and your friend are looking for a new player-friendly and laid-back community in EVE Online. It’s always great to welcome new capsuleers to our ranks.

Our corporation prides itself on providing a welcoming environment for players of all backgrounds, whether you’re new to the game or returning after a break. We have a strong focus on helping new players get started and guiding them through the intricacies of EVE Online.

Your specific interests align well with our corporation’s activities. We have a thriving mining and industrial division that operates in nullsec space, providing numerous opportunities for resource extraction and manufacturing. On the other hand, your friend will find like-minded individuals for PvE and PvP adventures.

We also understand the importance of communication, so we utilize Discord with voice capabilities to enhance our coordination during operations and provide a platform for social interaction.

We would be thrilled to have both you and Cookiesaurus join our ranks. To move forward, please contact me directly via in-game and I can introduce you to our great leadership. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the next steps and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for considering us, and we look forward to the opportunity to fly alongside you in the vast universe of EVE Online.

Fly safe!

Jem McMerphy

Hey Neewa,

You should give our post a check, We’d love to teach you all the crazy stuff our group has learned about EVE over the years. Info on our corp and what we offer as well as how to get in contact with us is in the link!

We look forward to hearing from you,

  • Jaded

Hi there,

I think we can cater to both of your Eve ambitions.

Take a look at our null sec Corp but we have a high sec training Corp that would be perfect for you both and you’d still be part of our community with access to null sec when you’re ready.

We are building a community and we are very lively on our Discord with plenty of experienced pilots to answer your questions and give you help.

Come have a chat on our Discord


You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe we can be your new home :wink:

Universal Aid Consortium is recruiting.

The Universal Aid Consortium (UAID) is an altruistic corporation that operates Free Stations across New Eden, providing an extensive array of free services and essential facilities to all pilots, fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual support in the vast expanse of space.

For More details contact: HowardWolowitz


Hi Neewa Marrasvalo,

This is the place for you!

A bit about ourselves:

We are a Corporation who focuses on industrialist activities, or more specifically mining!

But not only that! We offer opportunities for group Fleet PVP at various times if you are more interested in combat.

We are a new player friendly corp and don’t mind if you are an alpha pilot! Please make sure you are 18 years old before joining!

What we can offer you!

  • Mining/Industry/Hauling Corporation
  • Daily Mining Fleets
  • New Player Alpha & Omega welcome
  • Alliance Buyback Service
  • Moon Mining! (Ore from moons that are almost 10x the value of normal ore!)
  • Experienced players to help you take your first step into the world of eve
  • 5% tax rate (npc corps or your starting corp tax is 11%!)
  • Part of a large Alliance to explore the WHOLE game for PVE & PVP
  • Active corp and alliance chat & discord

Want more information?

Contact us in game, mail me or search for - Spice Mining Defenders Corporation

Also you can get in touch below on Discord -

Join the Spice INC Recruitment Discord Server!

Check out the Spice INC Recruitment community on Discord - hang out with 123 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

If you have any questions about anything I mentioned above or want further details about our corporation, feel free to join the discord and ask me! Our goal is to help aspiring new eve players and industrialists, not only get familiar with the eve environment, but also become experienced and more importantly, wealthy players.

New Player Information

There is no rush to get to the Corp Homebase. We advise you to finish the tutorials and Agency Career Missions but we can still help you along the way if you join.

Thank you for your time,

Fly safe and have a good day o7

Official Recruiter of the Spice Mining Defenders Corporation


I am CEO of a corp in the process of joining a Pochven alliance, I am USTZ 0100-0700 during the week and usually on all weekend join IIAR Pub in game or shoot me a mail for any questions or interest.

You have a lot of options to choose from so I’ll throw us into the mix too.

hey Neewa_Marrasvalo

if you are still looking ping me on discord how knows what can happen

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