Wishful Thinking Faculty is recruiting! [EUTZ-PvP/PvE/Indu]

Let (y)our dreams become (y)our reality.

We are an EU-TZ, low-sec corporation. A “fresh respawn”, in the No Forks Given alliance.
A small corporation with big ambitions, we want you to have fun and know when and where to bring the alpha on grid.

Do not continue reading if you don’t like one of the following four mandatory requirements.
A Sense of humor
And a serious mind
A working mic
And ESI/SEAT registration

Additional Advertisement information
With around 50 systems in the biggest interconnected Amarr lowsec area in new eden, the NFG alliance has access to an unending amount of content. We facilitate a strong infractructure for industrial activities like production, manufacturing and reactions.
As alliance we also have regular faction warefare, roaming gangs, filament fleets, gatecamps and the occasional hot-drops.

Feel like a NewBro living in highsec? want to get to know more challenging aspects of EVE?
Become a pirate today! Live for the kill, refine your resources into highly valuable contraband and
become the most feared player type after jita scammers, becoming a threat on the edge between corporately exploited space (null-sec) and the empire (high-sec).

  • War-save mission running while having comfortable access to low-sec.
  • Level 5 mission agents in the area
  • Learn to scan down ships (or exploration sites)

Indy?! 0.5% tax, what else do you need to know?
So you found out about the most valuable industry and mining or want to learn more about it?

  • Mine our alliance R4-R64 moons
  • (a false sense of) safety while mining the most valuable gas and ores in the game
  • Rip us off by using our structures for Reactions and T1 to T2 ship/module production
  • And why not also get access to the capital production facilities
  • Enjoy the Amarr AND Jita markets in close proximity!
  • Still need help when it comes to your first steps into industry?
  • Ask experienced industry powerhouses to learn you the ropes.

Experienced pilots!
Drop your ships on unsuspecting carebears, exploit our rich/bountiful regions to fill up your warchest!
Join our Alliance fleets and shoot stuff like there’s no tomorrow, hunt our wartargets and enjoy their salt.

  • High-end the combat sites,
  • High value gas and large mining anomaly’s ideal for larger fleet operations
  • Active long-time players to group with

We want to encourage initiative in experienced players to share or lead, with rewards for effort and attendance we hope to make community efforts worth while for everyone who partakes including organisers.

What else will we provide you with:

  • Handout fleets for guaranteed near death experiences
  • Ample opportunity to get space rich before x-mass (seriously!)
  • Taxes: we will be taxing you at a unhealthy rate of 0.5% to track infrastructure usage, mission running and overall activity

Join us today and Let (y)our dreams become (y)our reality.

Discord: [Wishful Thinking Faculty)

Or contact us ingame Kyara Sparrow or Temec Kadash

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We are looking for active FC’s
Earn 500 plex and or Faction navy dread of choice,
depending on level of capability and dedication.
Contact our corporation for further details on this offer.
(this particular offer only is on the table in advance for capable FC’s with proven record.)

We’re still looking for new Members!

We continue to find new and interesting players wanting to play together, hop in our discord for a interview so you can check our vibe.

See you in space!

Stop spinning in stations and join us now!

We’re still looking for new and old players :vulcan_salute:

Up up and beyond! Get into LS today :wink:

Bored with flying alone? has spinning in station made you dizzy come join our fleet of eager pilots that love to share knowledge, humor and their home in lowsec.

Great group! Come join now!


Come join us today and enjoy teamwork and supportive players! o/

Ever wanted to try eve online, this is your last moments to claim 7 days of free eve. When you do decide o dive a little deeper into eve give us a call.


Newbro, Oldbro - better than Nobro. Head over to our Discord and have chat! o/

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