EUTZ, Sov Null-Sec, Indy, Rattting, PvP


We’re a small, EUTZ corp looking for more members to come join us - newbro’s welcome - just be able to/be skilling into an interceptor

We have multiple moons (+15% ores) you can come mine, plus the normal belts in fully upgraded systems giving +10% ores.
Corp buy-back programme or use it yourself in the multiple Engineering Complexes all fitted for different benefits
Rorqual boosts coming as of this weekend (she’s in the oven) or Alliance is always boosting

Rat in true sec of -1.0 and get the biggest bounties possible
Low 5% tax rate

All members do some PvP, do more if you want
CTA’s and Home Defense must be answered, lower level operations are your call
Fly with Alliance/Coalition and other Blue’s - multiple fleets each night if you want them, balance it with PvE if you don’t

As ever - real life first, I don’t expect you to be up in the middle of the night for a timer etc etc etc

What we use;
TeamSpeak (mumble for bigger fleets) and Discord.

Hit me up in game, or on here.

Fly Safe o/

sounds fun whats ur pub channel

.TIQ Public


Our latest recruit joined, ran his first combat anomaly with a VNI and got a 150mil sentient drop ! Nice…

Still recruiting. Rorqual now out the oven and going well, Thanatos in the oven ready to pew pew with some reds ! Come have the next one and join us doing it ? =)

Just a bump tonight :slight_smile:

Eyo, you commented on me post.
Which side of the space you guys operate? Can I fly Amar ships(Im open to new suggestions)?
I got more questions, but I’ll ask em ingame

You can fly Amarr frigates on fleet and we can discuss how we handle ship choices in Alliance ops in game when we catch up :slight_smile:

Sure we can make a PvE plan too

I’ve added you as a contact in game and will be online tomorrow night/Thrusday daytime (by Eve timings)

o/ Fly Safe.

Just a bump tonight…

All going very well - come join us and make mad ISK, get mad fights and mine mad ores !

Loving life right now :slight_smile:

Spent most of tonight scaring the bad guys away… shame there was no fight but op success… come be the scary null sec bear too and join us !

After a busy busy week, looking forward to a weeked of Eve ! Come find me on here or in game and let’s chat…

hy still recruiting ?

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