EUTZ PVP Corp looking for Null Alliance

We are a small (10 RL dudes) EU PVP corp looking for an EU focussed PVP alliance. We have an average of about 100m SP with multiple cap alts + super capability… We also have a couple of FC’s and very experienced corp leadership. Looking for an EU focussed alliance with good fleets as well as small gang opportunities and plenty of content.

The corp is small and relatively newly formed but quite tight and we will be actively recruiting to bring more dudes onboard. Standard null sec requirements are not an issue (CTA’s etc.).

We are already in a null sec corp and due to diplo stuff this is posted on an NPC alt so please add comments/mail in game and I’ll contact you if interested.

Please DO NOT:

  • Message me if you are HS/LS/WH/NPC Null - looking for sov null only
  • No renters/tiny alliances - we’re looking for something fairly established so that we can work with you
  • We are not interested in merging so please don’t ask

I look forward to hearing from you :smiley:

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I’ve mailed you in game.


Alt o7

Sent you an in game mail.

@Altrexis_Rin @Justin_Starr_STARR

Thanks for you messages and offers. We are not interested in merging (I’ve updated the original post now) but thanks for the offer.

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