EU PVP Corp LF a new home

So, burner toon etc. please reply to this thread and I’ll get in touch for more info if we’re interested.

Basically a small EUTZ PVP corp looking for a new home. We’re about +/- 25 dudes, nearly all EUTZ and all are PVP focussed. LF a good, well organised alliance where we can get good fleet PVP content but also have the flexibility of our own small gang stuff on the side.

We’re currently based in null and we are all experienced players (average SP is probably around 80-100M) so we understand the need to help with fleets but we don’t want non-stop CTAs or huge participation requirements where we become just “another 10+ guys in fleet” etc.

The corp will keep growing & recruiting but on a very selective basis as quality is far more important than quantity to us.

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Hey Rando,

I’d love to chat more actually might have a good opportunity for you. If you’d like send me an eve mail and let me know who is the right person to chat with about this.


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Hey Rando,

If you are so inclined, please send me a PM also. This is a burner also, but I monitor the mailbox.

Burner toon,


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Hey Rando

If you get the chance PM me as well or get in touch with me on Discord. Justin Starr STARR#8251

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We in Triumvirate. may be the only viable option for a well organized mid-size alliance based in nullsec with constant pvp content, no fleet participation requirements and without being part of a big block. You can get in touch with us in our corp discord:

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‘Maybe the only viable option’ what a pedestal you live upon :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Sup boss. I got what you’re looking for but I am not going to false sell you. Here’s the truth cold and simple.

We have null sov (non-renter). We have large spot in lowsec near null for roams. We have 24/7 content available should you wish yo be involved. We have almost no CTAs. every corp is free to pursue their goals, and we all help each other out

If you come to us you will have access to huge regions of nullsec. Titan bridges, supply lines, Blops fleets, cap fleets, hotdrops, ganks roams etc etc. But you have to be willing to log on to go participate. I wont spoon feed you anything.

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Message me in game, I am pretty confident you would be happy with us.

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You should consider the Federation Uprising alliance. We’re a mid-size Nullsec PVP alliance based in Immensea as part of Legacy Coalition. We have no fleet requirements and CTAs aren’t very often (and even when they do happen, if you can’t make it due to IRL it’s not a big deal).

We specialize in medium sized 30-50 man fleets as an alliance, as well as small gang stuff as well. However due to being in Legacy we of course also have the option to participate in larger fleets as well. We like our members to be individually capable and not just good at F1 pushing, so it sounds like your corp may be a good fit for us (you can see from our zkill at 25% of all of our kills are solo).

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public recruitment Discord: FEDUP Public

RAZOR Alliance Recruiting

Have you considered something tried and tested? We have great space, great allies and enough content you can log in at any time and get something to do both small and large scale ~ come have a chat I think you’ll love our laid back atmosphere.

Good Morning Good Sir,

I am Co Exec of W4rped Intentions we are part of Legacy coaltion, we are looking for like minded players & corporations to join us out in Null.

We offer plenty of PVP fleets & allow you to do your own thing we currently have a 60/40 split of UStz/EUtz player base i am EU tz exec so we are looking to expand the EU tz side of the alliance if you would like more information please contact me in Game


Rock Onzo


We’re not actively recruiting for corps but I thought it would be worth having a chat. I know you say you’re looking for null sec but have you considered living in a wh with a null sec static? Means we have a different alliance to harass as often as we want.

We’re a small alliance, with four close knit corps. There are no CTAs or alarm clock ops. We run set alliance fleets twice a week - usually hunting Rorqs and Supers but the rest of the time there are usually small kitchen sink roams and opportunities to do your own thing.

Drop me a mail in game if you’re interested in a chat and we can arrange to get on comms.

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