Null Sec, EU TZ looking for Miners for unique scheme (and Ratters and PvP'ers too!)


We’re a small, EUTZ corp looking for more members to come join us - newbro’s welcome - just be able to/be skilling into an interceptor.

Rorqual boosts
Pocket home system
Profit Sharing Scheme - we build together and share profits - including a spreadsheet showing what we built, costs, profits. Payouts beat Jita pricing - why sell to a buy back system that lets someone else profit when we’ll share the profit with you

Rat in true sec of -1.0 and get the biggest bounties possible
Low 5% tax rate
Cheap carriers built by your corp mates
Free carriers if you amaze me on PvP activity/numbers (one of our newbro’s has a free thanny in build right now!)

All members do some PvP, do more if you want
CTA’s and Home Defense must be answered, lower level operations are your call
Fly with Alliance/Coalition and other Blue’s - multiple fleets each night if you want them, balance it with PvE if you don’t

As ever - real life first, I don’t expect you to be up in the middle of the night for a timer etc etc etc

What we use;
TeamSpeak (mumble for bigger fleets) and Discord.
Hit me up in game, or on here.
Fly Safe o/

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