Wormhole corp recruiting!

Recruitment window is now open for qualifying pilots!

Outfit 418 is a corporation based in Europe built by a group of returning players looking for like-minded pilots who would like to experience the challenges and revenue opportunities of WH space.

We offer a fun & social way to join in the various activities, including industry, C4/C5/C6 ratting fleets (250+ million ISK/hour/pilot) , organised mining, as well as the inevitable PvP that makes wormhole life such a rush.

We enjoy a high-sec & C4 static which guarantee lucrative content as well easy access to empire markets.

No, previous wormhole experience required, there’s plenty of help to get settled. If you are an enthusiastic Eve pilot looking to join our eclectic group of social misfits, contact Mara Quinn, Ganlar, Miko Starknight or Jariti.

Feel free to visit us, or post a message :sunglasses:

Public Channel: -418-

Teamspeak: ts.outfit418.com


i joined today seem like a really cool group of guys

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One week in and im having a great time! Women, Ships and some tig ole bitties, losing to a sleeper makes you feel real shiddy!!!

Been with the corp for almost 2 weeks, thought I would post my review of their company:
Fun interactive training
Lots of company benefits
Great management
Constant room for development and promotion
Friendly and upbeat office

Jokes aside, they are a great bunch of fellows, and I’ve been given such a warm welcome.

Great corp, very friendly people, been having a lot of fun. For my first experience living inside a wormhole, I couldn’t have asked for better

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Recruitment update! :partying_face:
Outfit 418 has been growing in the last few weeks and we’ve added plenty of new content. We are still looking for Eve pilots who are keen to experience wormhole life with a great bunch of players. Feel free to post a message here or visit us in game! :sunglasses:

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been with the corp for a few months, the corp has a great vibe about it and the people are great fun to be around to such a degree that you actually miss talking to them while you at work :). the leaderships a rock solid so if you want a corp that is fun and not tied to red tape and want to learn the game of eve join up

To get into Eve you need a community, Before eve we already had a strong community & then bringing it to Eve got me into playing it for the first time & I’ve been loving it ever since you need a goal in Eve to play it & it really helps if you have a bunch of mates to mess around with Cya soon o7

We’ve a great group of light hearted people. If you are new and feel like jumping into WH space, or just looking for an active fun group to run with then join the -418- channel or contact us!

Been in the corp for some weeks and really enjoying my place here! Been away from wh’s for many years but after some days inside and a lot of help from the other members stuff is finally coming back to me. Relaxing and chill corp to help you get used to WH’s.

2 and a half months in this corp - fun, lots of content and action, good people and lots of jokes
Been growing rapidly the past few weeks in terms of new members.

Still looking for a few more people. Join the -418- channel.