Growing wormhole corp, searching for exceptional members

Outfit 418 - Growing wormhole corp, searching for exceptional members

Calling all Eve pilots seeking adventure and riches, fame and fortune.

A spectre is haunting Eve - the spectre of Wormhole life. All the powers of the old Empire have entered into an foolhardy alliance to exorcise this spectre.

Throw off your shackles and free yourselves from the tyranny of Empire and the oppression of nullsec. Are you an abused F1 monkey or a “Lost in Space” high-sec pilot, Outfit 418 needs you now!

Now is the time for revolution and rebellion. :fire:

Who we are

We’re a well run organised but laid back outfit. Built by a group of new and experienced, returning players.

We’re looking for enthusiastic pilots who would like to experience the challenges and revenue opportunities of WH space.

We have a strong UK/Europe group as well as a growing membership in the US and Australia.

What we offer

We offer a fun & social way to join in the various wormhole activities including;

  • Roaming fun and social PvP fleets
  • C5/C6 ratting fleets (250+ million ISK/hour/pilot)
  • Solo ratting and exploration in connected wormholes
  • Organised gas/ore/ice mining
  • Good support for various industry

We have easy access to empire markets with and established stations in productive WH space.

What we need from you.

  • Positive, constructive and friendly attitude
  • No, previous wormhole experience required, there’s plenty of help to get settled.

If you are an enthusiastic Eve pilot looking to join our eclectic group of social misfits, contact Mara Quinn or Jariti.

Feel free to visit us, or post a message :sunglasses:

Looking to join Outfit 418 - connect to our in game public channel “418 Public” and chat to any of the Outfi 418 members. You can also send Mara Quinn or Jariti an in game message

Public Channel: 418 Public



Where do I applie?

Your TS link seems to be broken. Please contact me in game

Bumping for visibility. We are still recruiting!

How do i apply?

Hello there :slight_smile:

I am brand new to eve as an alpha clone with the aspiration of getting to Omega through in game resources only. Most of my time has been exploring wormholes and gas huffing which has been very profitable but I wanted to get into ratting/sleeper ratting. I am currently at work but will join your public channel when I’m home to see if I can get ahold of your corporation.

can we talk with u in game please

join us or we will join up in your channel

Hey WireDrawn, join our public chat in game look for “418 Public”

Hi there. Are you guys still recruiting?

Super cool corp, joined as a newbro as a 7 day player and got alot of help of all the members

also made 4.5b in my first week joining them

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