[US/EU] Is Wormhole life for you? Join us and have fun with Outfit 418!

Who we are

We’re a well run organised but laid back outfit with sound and fair leadership. No absorbent taxes or abuse here!

We’re looking for enthusiastic pilots who would like to experience the challenges and revenue opportunities of WH space. We also hold regular PVP operations and skirmishes against other corporations large and small.

We have a strong UK/Europe group currently with a majority during this timezone.

However! We are currently looking to grow our USTZ and other TZ’s as well. The USTZ is active and regularly finds content daily. We invite any USTZ pilot interested to come and see what Outfit 418 has to offer you.

What we offer

We offer a fun & social way to join in the various wormhole activities including;

  • Roaming fun and social PvP fleets
  • C5/C6 ratting fleets (250+ million ISK/hour/pilot)
  • Solo ratting and exploration in connected wormholes
  • Organised gas/ore/ice mining
  • Good support for various industry
  • Holding corp for non-PVP toons

We have easy access to empire markets with and established stations in productive WH space.

What we need from you.

  • Positive, constructive and friendly attitude
  • No, previous wormhole experience required, there’s plenty of help to get settled.
  • Ability to fly a basic covert ops ship (Astero etc.)

We do accept new bros and those new to Wormhole life. However, we ask that you be able to fly at least a covert ops ship as these are essential to wormhole living. We love to answer questions and help our fellow pilots.

If you are an enthusiastic Eve pilot looking to join our eclectic group of social misfits, contact Mara Quinn or Jariti for EU or any other TZ and Alan Headstring, Deeted or Commador Norrington for USTZ an in-game message.

Feel free to visit us, or post a message in 418 Public.

Looking to join Outfit 418 - connect to our in-game public channel “418 Public” and chat to any of the Outfit 418 members. You can also send Mara Quinn or Jariti in EUTZ and Alan Headstring, Deeted or Commador Norrington for USTZ an in-game message.

Public Channel: 418 Public

Teamspeak: ts.outfit418.com

Come fly with us! Related Kills | J232336 | 2021-05-26 20:00 | zKillboard

Looking for good pilots!

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