[US/EU] Is Wormhole life for you? Join us and have fun with Outfit 418!

Who we are

We’re a well run organised but laid back outfit with sound and fair leadership. No absorbent taxes or abuse here!

We’re looking for enthusiastic pilots who would like to experience the challenges and revenue opportunities of WH space. We also hold regular PVP operations and skirmishes against other corporations large and small.

We have a strong UK/Europe group currently with a majority during this timezone.

However! We are currently looking to grow our USTZ and other TZ’s as well. The USTZ is active and regularly finds content daily. We invite any USTZ pilot interested to come and see what Outfit 418 has to offer you.

What we offer

We offer a fun & social way to join in the various wormhole activities including;

  • Roaming fun and social PvP fleets
  • C5/C6 ratting fleets (250+ million ISK/hour/pilot)
  • Solo ratting and exploration in connected wormholes
  • Organised gas/ore/ice mining
  • Good support for various industry
  • Holding corp for non-PVP toons

We have easy access to empire markets with and established stations in productive WH space.

What we need from you.

  • Positive, constructive and friendly attitude
  • No, previous wormhole experience required, there’s plenty of help to get settled.
  • Ability to fly a basic covert ops ship (Astero etc.)

We do accept new bros and those new to Wormhole life. However, we ask that you be able to fly at least a covert ops ship as these are essential to wormhole living. We love to answer questions and help our fellow pilots.

If you are an enthusiastic Eve pilot looking to join our eclectic group of social misfits, contact Mara Quinn or Jariti for EU or any other TZ and Alan Headstring for USTZ.

Feel free to visit us, or post a message in 418 Public.

Looking to join Outfit 418 - connect to our in-game public channel “418 Public” and chat to any of the Outfit 418 members. You can also send Mara Quinn or Jariti in EUTZ and Alan Headstring for USTZ an in-game message

Public Channel: 418 Public

Teamspeak: ts.outfit418.com


Daily Bump

Bump, Come join us!

Would you take a pilot who is unable to speak but would be always on comms?

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I don’t think that should be a problem. Join our public chat and come chat with us!

i have been play eve over 12 years. Most of that time in noll sec.
i did get total tired wars and conttans cta after cta etc. eve not feel fun, it feel like little even like work.
Then they did ess change to ratting. i did get pissed padly.

i did have kind 2 possibilites , quit eve on or look some new .

i scroll corps infos and kind a momet of time i look corp info.
i join channel and there was link ts.

i click it i talk a moment in very frindy fellow. (English is not my main language and it was not proplem)
after that i click join … i didint know a dim wh´s and how this will continue…

Now i in corp , jihuuu
so first they get thi kind of map system … it not work at moment , it need kind up to 24 h to work that ccpp reg u change corp.

Gyes tell me system to warp. i was amzed . in system
was bookmark and only 3 jumps to new homesystem.

What 3 jumps . i lived 12 y in noll sec 30 …80 jumpa to hich sec
and now 3 jumps from JITA ???

Now i sit new home, dont know a dim , what to do?
gues talk me ask my skill and tell what i can do .

then an operatiop poke up! ah same ■■■■ to they have
those ctas here i think.

Then i hear familian word: content

i say sorry , i juts join i dont have isk to bye that ship, 1 sec
and jump trade window and some person give ship free.

i have fly over 500 fleet in nolle sec various allys
from goons to legasy.

and then happens something i never see
fc order ship by ■■■■ fit. like thing i never seen in eve.

i hit undock. and warp to first fight…

figt start nolmmay primery after prime etc,
Then my ship was Primed to kill
all enemy ■■■■ shoot me!!! iik i die now.

i amzed second time , in noll never happen ¨
i hit i need rep and evn 15 ■■■■ shoot me
ï get rep and not die.

They neut me 100% and shoot shoot
but i not die , becayse i get reps,
i kind been amaized is this true?

After they tell this is small gang skirmish not noll sec fleet.
this is reason many say wh corp best pvp in noll sec be careful.

we fight about in 15 minutes and i not die.
amazing 3 time.

fight is over and we dock station.

i poke up talk and ask , well i have liten isk how can make more. ?

They ask my skills and give me multiple possibilites
i say i can run this Ship.

i bought it with my last pennys.

then i see fleep pop up. i click to join
and warp with my new ship… we kill sleeprs
rats in noll system…in wh they are sleepers.

againg…they hit me hard i think i die
and hit rep. 1 sec laster they rep again like pvp
i do not die.

i did this in 3 days total time less than 4 hours , kill sleepers
in fleet .

and i did get isk 2.8 Billion.

Well not get , i learn that
i dont need do dim to get that isk.
Corporation pay every 10 day it out pure isk.

2.8 billion come to my accout
a was amzed maeby 5th`time.

is this true?

Next day i ask menay qustion and they always
explain and help me.

This come new part . fouks?

i have been several corp in yesars i play
eve . and even a LOT experiece noll sec
i jump to uknown. so sure i have q ´s

so i hit in air several q´s simly things and the gyes
explain me frindly ewrything.
i ask and ask an they frindly talk to me?

i get amazed 6 time. they are rially nice gyes.
And that BIG thing . to be in corp with nice duuds.

few day i settlle in . we have few op´s pvp
i found they are not like cta in noll sec
total diirent : content.

now i have 2 week corp. i know
some corp is like 2 day and quit not for me.

i sit back and think
2 weekks my feeling thisp corp and menbers

i honetly say . i was almoust quit eve (ess chage etc cta ■■■■)

but i am a very happy been this corp

my honest valye is 10/10
u can not find better corp.

so i say Welcome . we teach u all
if willing to learn lucratice and fun wh live.

a pvp ? ew and a lot


Good Corp
Would Join Again

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And here you are ladies and gents! One happy new member after a fun fleet and some (alot) of drinks! Come try it out!

Daily Bump

Come Join us!


Returning EUTZ (UTC +1/2) player here! Sounds like a good fit, am interested, will send you a message.



Still looking for pilots!

Come live the WH life!

To the top!

Come fly with us!

Bumpy Bumpy.

Come join the fun!

Sent you an in game mail! Get back to me when you get the time. :smiley:

I will look for it now!