Who We Are

418 is a relaxed yet organized Outfit that has established its home in Wormhole space since 2018, residing in a C5 - C5 wormhole. We are a casual, multinational corporation with a global membership, all united by a shared interest in the varied activities that Wormhole Space offers. Our primary focus is on PvP, supported by activities in PvE and Industry, all underscored by a strong sense of teamwork.

We open our doors to players of all skill levels and backgrounds, provided they meet our minimum requirements. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer eager to learn, Outfit 418 has a place for you.

What We Offer

  • PvP Fleets: Participate in organized events, rage roll ops, large brawls, and roaming/yeeting sessions.
  • ISK Making Opportunities: Take part in organized ratting fleets and explore solo content.
  • Industry Ventures: Get involved in mining, gas harvesting, Planetary Interaction (PI), manufacturing, and more.
  • Out-of-Game IT Services: Enjoy our IT support through TeamSpeak, Discord, and dedicated web hosting.
  • Casual & Relaxed Atmosphere: Be part of our laid-back yet engaging community.

Our Requirements

  • Omega Characters Only: Membership requires Omega status to ensure full access to all ships and equipment for optimal participation in corporation activities.
  • Covert Ops Capable: Members must be able to pilot ships equipped with a Covert Ops Cloaking Device, such as an Astero.
  • Experience: While not mandatory, prior experience with Wormholes or PvP is highly beneficial.
  • Positive Attitude: A “can do” attitude and proactive problem-solving approach are key.
  • Communication Skills: Members must be proficient in English and have access to a quality microphone for effective communication and fleet operations.
  • Willingness to PvP: Members should have a strong eagerness to engage in PvP, contributing to the corporation’s defensive and offensive operations.

reach us here!

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gonna bump this post for the good boys <3

bumping!!! Still recruiting!


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guess what time it is!??? bump time


REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Probably one of the best wormhole groups out there. Even If you are new to wormhole space , this is the best place to join at least (refer to point 3 of pros). At the end of the day, even if u get annoyed by the occasional American among them, this will be the best place to learn how things SHOULD be in a wormhole corp.


  1. Regular ratting fleets to get you isk (you can earn on an average 500 isk per week as a newbie if u just turn up for this)
  2. EVERYTHING except the occasional annoying person
  3. Did i tell you about the regular ratting fleets? well they aren’t exactly ur regular carebear exercise. I was in fleet the day we got jumped by TWO separate fleets while ratting and fought off both.


  1. use slack to message instead of discord.
  2. Leadership doesn’t look kindly on you sneaking in people to kill their Dinos on the ARK server they play on.



Do you recruit soldiers of fortune?


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