Outfir 418 is recrutiing!

Who We Are
418 is a relaxed yet organized Outfit that has established its home in Wormhole space since 2018, residing in a C5 - C5 wormhole. We are a casual, multinational corporation with a global membership, all united by a shared interest in the varied activities that Wormhole Space offers. Our primary focus is on PvP, supported by activities in PvE and Industry, all underscored by a strong sense of teamwork.
We open our doors to players of all skill levels and backgrounds, provided they meet our minimum requirements. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer eager to learn, Outfit 418 has a place for you.

What We Offer
PvP Fleets: Participate in organized events, rage roll ops, large brawls, and roaming/yeeting sessions.
ISK Making Opportunities: Take part in organized ratting fleets and explore solo content.
Industry Ventures: Get involved in mining, gas harvesting, Planetary Interaction (PI), manufacturing, and more.
Out-of-Game IT Services: Enjoy our IT support through TeamSpeak, Discord, and dedicated web hosting.
Casual & Relaxed Atmosphere: Be part of our laid-back yet engaging community.

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Our Requirements
Omega Characters Only: Membership requires Omega status to ensure full access to all ships and equipment for optimal participation inc orporation activities.
Covert Ops Capable: Members must be able to pilot ships equipped with a Covert Ops Cloaking Device, such as an Astero.
Experience: While not mandatory, prior experience with Wormholes or PvP is highly beneficial.
Positive Attitude: A “can do” attitude and proactive problem-solving approach are key.
Communication Skills: Members must be proficient in English and have access to a quality microphone for effective communication and fleet operations.
Willingness to PvP: Members should be eager to engage in PvP, contributing to the corporation’s defensive and offensive operations.

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