Outfit 418 - C5 Wormhole Corp

Who We Are

Outfit 418 is a relaxed but organised Outfit living in Wormhole space since 2018, currently occupying a C5 - C5 wormhole. We are a casual, multinational corporation with members from around the Globe interested in Wormhole space activities, whether that be PvP, PvE or Industry.

We welcome all players regardless of skill level and number of characters if they meet our minimum requirements listed below.

What we offer

  • PvP fleets - organised events, rage roll ops, large brawls & roaming / yeeting
  • ISK making - including organised ratting fleets & solo content down the chain
  • Industry opportunities - mining, gas, PI, manufacturing etc
  • Out of game IT services including TS, Discord & dedicated web hosting
  • Very casual & relaxed atmosphere, no minimum activity requirements

You can find our Zkillboard here

And a few videos of us in action

Our Requirements

► Omega characters only (no Alphas)
► Can fly a ship with a Covert Ops Cloaking Device (ie Astero)
► Can fly the Cyclone with T1 Missiles
► Preferable experience with either Wormholes or PvP
► Can speak English with a good microphone

For further enquiries and if your interested in joining please join our public discord and speak to one of our recruiters!

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Updated with our new public Discord!

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Feel free to come check out our discord and poke a recruiter

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Best corp I’ve ever been a part of!

Bump, nice and friendly guys, there is always someone with whom to play, good and dedicated corp management

We are recruiting!

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Active group always looking for more pilots to fly with, come chat with us on Discord or in our Public Channel - 418 Public

Hope everyone had a good holiday, always looking for fresh faces

Come and have a chat with us!

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Bump can recommend 10/10