Wormhole corp recruiting!

Fun corp to fly with, and also… bump!

Active group here, still recruiting. Join the channel “418 Public” or message me.

I recently returned to eve and I used to live in a C3 wormhole for a year or 2 back in 2013 I have a 20mil+sp whose focus is exploration, mining, and combat. I’m in a hs corp at the moment but the content they provide is fun but not as engaging as I would hope. Once I get back in to the swing of things (relearning PI, and indy) I want to join a wormhole corp that is active (the last one died out and I stopped playing because its boring
and a bit scary living alone in a hole. Was wondering what kinda of content you guys provide?

I was a highsec miner for my first 2 years of EvE, slaving away to plex my account. I joined this corp as an Alpha with a mere 39 million in my wallet after the mining corp I was in became completely inactive.
Not only has Outfit 418 been extremely helpful and friendly, they have helped me to hit all time high weekly earnings. This is the end of my first week and I have awesome new friends, a wallet stuffed with isk and a hangar stacked with ships.
I am kicking myself I didn’t find this corp sooner and the only question you should be asking yourself is: Why haven’t you applied to join yet??!!

Miya Asp,
Outfit 418 Trainee

You guys still recruiting? I want out of null

Come on in. The water’s fine! ^.^

bump nice guys =)

Still recruiting?

Hi, do you guys have many american players?