New Old Carebear player looking for corp

Hi there,

i´ve been out for like 6 months.

Im looking for a mining/indy highsec corp living around minmatar space ( i live in Gultraten). looking for a active corp that makes fleets for mining/pve and if can be some pvp in low would be perfect ( this last point is not a demand).

Would like a corp around my actual living system, Gultraten.


We live in Null sec gut have a ton of good mining space

Hi there Numerius,
I run a small corp in Metropolis, I had a look for your home system, but the only system I found was Gultratren which is Minmatar space, but 0.3? We are not too far away…

EVIL TURTLES - helping you get more from EvE Online

We are a mining corp/mission runners, we also farm a c2 wormhole and as we expand will take, those that want, some PvP Training missions (null sec/low sec).

I’ve played EvE for 14 years, and trying to give something back. I’ve created a corp with everything open, buy back programs based upon Jita prices and NO TAX! I’m rich enough!

Its not a corp that will give you things for free, but the oppertunity to make the isk to buy what you want at reasonable prices. Setting you personal goals, working towards corp’s short, medium and long term goals! We have a profit share program and all our isk is public (view-able-not take-able lol) so you know your not working to fill my pockets!

A few restrictions, we are EU only at this point - no use taking on people without being able to help them or supply content. We do require communication (organizing ops and training without is impossible) and we do require a very limited API (we need to see your skills so we can get the right mods, ships for your progression).

If you have any questions, drop by our Public Channel “EVIL TURTLES” and say hi! We are restricting recruits to 5 a month (currently on 3) so we, directors, don’t get drowned with new questions.

Hope to see you soon, and you don’t get more “come to null sec”, when you clear say high!

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