EVIL TURTLES - helping you get more from EvE Online

We have started a High Sec EU TZ (for now) corporation with strict corporate governance and, we hope, high levels of structure.

Does your current corp give you a 10 page induction - everything you want to know about your corp, isk making oppertunities, freighter services, who is does what in corp, how to get things you want, when you joined? https://youtu.be/XmRHB5XY4Do updated monthly!

EvE is a game of SERIOUS INTERNET SPACESHIPs… Sure we want you to have fun playing, but fun comes from playing well, and, in EvE, normally at the expense of others (I sleep better knowing I made more isk today that others)! :women_wrestling:

To new players to EvE we live in a quiet area of High Security space with excellent opportunities with little risk, this is EvE there is no such thing as no risk! We will help you develop skill plans, and access to mods and ships as you progress. We have people expert in Mission Running, Mining, Exploration and general isk making and have specific ship fits for different levels of skill (from brand new all the way through to maxed out Alpha and beyond). We will aim to get you up the ladder of your personal EvE goal as quickly as possible and help you formulate your next goal.

To more experience players of EvE, we are looking for members who have played EvE for a while, but want to expand from their present “grind”. We will help you develop in other areas of High Sec space, we also have access to a C2 wormhole for farming and planet interaction. We will work together, with the newer players, in getting as much isk out of EvE as possible. We will work as if we were in deep null, so if you wish to move on, you’ll be more experienced than many in your new home.

We will have PvP Operations, based upon numbers and skills - we will train each aspect of PvP, including Fleet Command, Logistic, Ewar, Booshers, Fleet Bonus and Scouting in all security of EvE (including wormholes) We will treat you with respect, you will learn from your mistakes and understand what you did (or we did) wrong.

We will not force people to join, but we hope you join because you will have these multiple opportunities!

The corporation has populated the market in our home system (within Metropolis) with buy and sell orders, at or near Jita prices (which has come as a revelation to the locals as well, as soon as we can get our own Market services the better). We don’t force you to sell or buy from the corp, but we also don’t charge tax! Our CEO (me) is rich enough -All corp wallets are viewable by all members after 2 weeks trial, and all corp finances (income, outgoing, assets etc.) are all visible through google spreadsheets. So if you put something in a hanger/Add isk to the wallet/Buy something from the market you will see it within 48 hours in the spreadsheet to show we are not *helping ourselves from your work! :moneybag::face_with_monocle:

We have short, medium and long term goals, as a corp. These are constantly looked at as we develop the corp, an example of our some of our current medium and long term goals are:-

  • A tartara anchored in home system
  • Build a Fortizar then decide what to do with it!

We have already reached two short term targets (we have a Raitaru and Athanor) up and running. With a Fortizar and Astrahus in our farming C2 and we are ahead in recruitment numbers (thanks to my streaming of creating the corp https://www.twitch.tv/evil_synns

Don’t join if you expect free stuff! We will provide ships and fittings as close to cost price as we can (brokers and sales tax inc.) we are here to help you make isk to buy your own ships, fit it right, fly it better, then move on up to the next level! Flying a ship you got for free takes away the PAIN of losing it, or the fear this could be its last flight!

Our CEO (and hopefully others) will be stream ops in the future as we start getting things running under full power and develop training videos for members.

We also have setup

  • Discord
  • Tripwire
  • Forums

We are here to have fun, by being better than others (no PL or Goons I’m not looking at you! :laughing: ), by becoming good at our own goals. We will work together till one day we can play EvE for free (just as our directors do) and we will be disappointed if you don’t join, never angry, EVIL TURTLES never get angry!

Join our public chat “EVIL TURTLES” or drop an EvE mail to “EVIL SYNNs” in game, please no convo’s… those are bad unless invited (these are things we teach you).

Or ask a question below! I am old, played a long time so I know I’m going to get some “EVE LOVE” for starting a HS corp!

We had good evening with buy orders filled in one night - so more are up!

Hey!, i might be interrested by your Corp.! I’d like to get in touch with you sometimes. Just tell me if forums or in-game is better for you. =)

Found your Public-Chan. I’ll be waiting until i get a recruiter.

Had a few AU TZ enquirers today, we can’t do anything out with EU timezone, until we can get bigger. But thanks for nice comments about the stream - the reason for doing it, is to encourage all corps to be open to their members and not “hide” the money

I know that makes us a target, but if everyone did it… it wouldn’t!

Anyways - We still recruiting 3 more spaces this week are open!

Today we trained on Trading! Buy low Sell High - Buyer Low Seller High - Scams… Watch out for min Volume!

We’re off to make some isk from trading today! Drop by public channel “EVIL TURTLES” if you have any questions - or requests!

We Blitzing missions tonight - how to do that?

Our first group are settled in - all comfy and getting to know one and other.

We’ve missioned, we’ve mined - We’ve had a war dec’

This is EVE! Adapt or Die - and we’ll teach you how to adapt!

Still looking for people who need direction, goals and rewards!

Upcoming events this week -
We gonna ninja mining into Low Sec
We gonna let the first group farm our farming wormhole
We gonna do some High Missions - to get some crap t1 loot to process.

All done quicker with more people!

Drop by our chat channel and say “HELLO”

To the top with for the TOP CORP!!!

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Weekend of ISK Making and Chilling - Its PARTY SEASON - so only week night ops just now, but that doesn’t stop you logging in - chilling - making some isk!

Loving life as an Evil Turtle!. Making friends and earning isk. What have you got to lose?, join today!.

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Okay our last batch of recruits is now tucked up - doing their thing! Lets start batch 3!

Recruitment has re-opened!
You will not be part of Q1 (ends end Feb), but come join the family!
Make some isk and get ready for Q2

Jesus Christ your pitch was perfect. This sounds like the exact type of Corporation I’ve been looking for! I cannot wait to get out of work! I’m praying I’m not too late!

I wasn’t :sunglasses:

With just one week to go in the Quarter - ALL our medium term goals have been achieved. All our members are going to share in great dividend - of which every penny in and out has been accounted for and every member can audit as and when they wish!

Do you want to join a corp and give the CEO the game for free? Or do you want to be member of a corporation for its members!

Drop by our public channel to say hello!

From todays MOTD!

Every Main in Corp got a share of 874,570,000 isk - 55,470,000 isk each (if you had been in corp the full month).
Every Shareholder has had their Shares Purchased back by the corp - Thank you!
Every Shareholder has been paid 4,400isk per share that they owned in this Month. (total of 887,540,240.62 isk)
All cash donations\loans have been returned - THANK YOU, you helped setup the new quarter!
If you had been with the corp since day 1 you would have received 100,849,000 isk just by being a member (and active)
If you had purchased 1 Billions worth of shares you would have gotten your 1 Billion back plus a dividend of 2.92% in 3 months

He might be one of the ugliest people I’ve ever met in r/l but he is a genuine new player helper.

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Q2 has started - now is the best “most profitable” time to join!

Drop by our public chat!