EVIL TURTLES - High Sec SERIOUS space ships!

You are looking for a new corp? Help to play EVE Online? Want to try EVERYTHING EVE Online has, but too scared to ask? Or just wanting to chill with some experienced players (15 years) and do your own thing?

Do other corps give you an induction? As well as document, updated when there are changes. https://chelo.xyz/Induction

Do other corps charge tax? And justify why? We don’t charge tax - we account for EVERY penny into and out of corp… Your not here to pay for my game !

Do you want to build things - but don’t have the Blueprints - No problem - We will give you copies at cost (and as we have engineering Azbel - its cheap to copy and build) - all our BPO are locked down in station - we only supply BPC’s ! https://chelo.xyz/CorpBlueprints

Do you want to make isk while you sleep? Planet Interaction is for you! We have a load of Empire POCOs (with no tax to you)! And once you know what your doing - Come to our C2 and get null sec levels of PI - With a market in the wormhole - so you sell your PI in system (jita - 5%)

We have incursion fleets - we have level 4 grind fleets to get your standings up - we have Mining fleets (with boosts) - we have corp mining fleets with Orca/Freighter support - we have ice mining (with boosts) - what have an Ice purchasing contract program so you sell way ABOVE market value (we need the ice).

You have access to Large Engineering and Refinery complexes - did I mention no tax to corpies?

We have a market in a citadel in empire and wormhole- don’t know if I mentioned no tax to corpies?

We need you to jump through a few hoops - sorry, but we need to know you want to play serious spaceships! Join our in game channel “EVIL TURTLES” or register and apply through our forum http://chelo.clanwebsite.com/

Check the induction document - we use forum, tripwire (mapping wormholes), Fleet-up (ship fittings and jita runs), Discord (to hang out on comms - or fleet comms (only required when in fleet)).

We can supply skill books if you are new to the game (no, no titan skill books!)

So if you like the above, give us a shout - apply or chat to us!

We play high sec well - We go low, null and wormholes for fun. We never expect you to do something, unless you want to - or its a CTA (Call to arms for defense fleets only)

Hope to hear from your soon.


two ice belts 1 jump from home (in different directions)!

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