EVIL TURTLES - From day 1 to where ever you want to go

1 year on from the birth of EVIL TURTLES recruitment has restarted. We are a High Sec corporation with a strict corporate governance and high level of structure.

In High Sec there are lots of competition for your “play time”, with adverts of “laid back”, “low tax”, etc. So let me translate that for you… “Laid back” means come and go, do what you want… and in “low tax” and that adds, and we’ll take some of your money for nothing!

EVIL TURTLES is different … First of all… Did the other corp give you an Induction PDF stating everything you need to know on day one? https://chelo.xyz/Induction We do. It also makes sure our “current” Turtles are up to date of what is required of them!

We play SERIOUS INTERNET SPACESHIPS… Sure we want to have fun playing, but fun comes from playing well, and in EvE, playing well means playing better than others!

In return, we do not charge tax! Why should we… We make profits! And you share those profits AND every penny is recorded and open to all members!

We produce a quarterly members news letter, where we put the good and the bad things we had done in the past quarter while putting forward our plans for the next. So every member sees the way forward so we can work together.

Our Members have shared over 10 Billion between them over the past - FOR NOTHING! As long as they active in corp fleets they get paid… Take a mining operation (for an example), you get paid at Jita Buy price (minus tax) for the Ore, we then use people with Maxed Refining, to produce ore, who then give it to Maxed Manufacturers who then produce something expensive that we then sell at sell price … And we make profit which gets returned to you every quarter.

To new players to EvE we live in a quiet area of High Security space with excellent opportunities with little risk, this is EvE there is no such thing as no risk! We will help you develop skill plans, and access to mods and ships as you progress. We have people expert in Mission Running, Mining, Exploration and general isk making and have specific ship fits for different levels of skill (from brand new all the way through to maxed out Alpha and beyond). We will aim to get you up the ladder of your personal EvE goal as quickly as possible and help you formulate your next goal.

To more experience players of EvE, we are looking for members who have played EvE for a while, but want to expand from their present “grind”. We will help you develop in other areas of High Sec space, we also have access to a C2 wormhole for farming and planet interaction. We will work together, with the newer players, in getting as much isk out of EvE as possible. We will work as if we were in deep null, so if you wish to move on, you’ll be more experienced than many in your new home.

We never force people to join corp fleets - you might be deep in a mission, or ore mining, the only requirement we need from you is at a CTA (Call to Arms) and these will only be called in defense of our assets! But we announce fleets in advance, and we have a good time in fleets - even if it is mining for cheap ores.

We started with a year goal of having our own Market in Empire, and more PI Production in the wormhole. Today we start with an Azbel with Market, 50% through a Tatara build for a second mining base, a Fortizar with a market in the wormhole (so we can setup buy orders in the hole) and lots of other “medium” citadels for refining, moon mining and manufacturing.

Don’t join if you expect free stuff! We will provide ships and fittings as close to cost price as we can (brokers and sales tax inc.) we are here to help you make isk to buy your own ships, fit it right, fly it better, then move on up to the next level! Flying a ship you got for free takes away the PAIN of losing it, or the fear this could be its last flight!

We also have setup

  • Discord
  • Tripwire
  • Forums

We are here to have fun, by being better than others (no PL or Goons I’m not looking at you! :laughing: ), by becoming good at our own goals. We will work together till one day we can play EvE for free (just as our directors do) and we will be disappointed if you don’t join, never angry, EVIL TURTLES never get angry!

Join our public chat “EVIL TURTLES” or drop an EvE mail to “EVIL SYNNs” in game, please no convo’s… those are bad unless invited (these are things we teach you).

Or ask a question below! I am old, played a long time so I know I’m going to get some “EVE LOVE” for starting a HS corp!

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Awwwww. Looks cute. Gl with your recruiting. Atm Im still far from home, when I get back Im considering to mail you guys.

Is Florida man allowed in(

Always welcome AP! Although I’m not sure how your mining skills are! :rofl:

We have a few cousins, but it is hard to entertain them with timezone… I just canny see you in a retriever some how… Hope your having fun!

Your name alone gets you into fast track recruitment!

What region in high sec is your corp?

We are based in Deep Metroplolis - Dodixie is closest Market

But we have a good corp market here (hek and rens are 10 away)

Weekend Bump! Drop by EVIL TURTLES chat channel to ask any questions…

Sunday night - only 2 spaces remain!

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