EVIL TURTLES - Mercenary Corporation - Serious Internet Space Ships

We play serious internet spaceships!

With the changes to High Sec wars we see a great opportunity for Mercenaries, not just in High Sec - but all over New Eden!

We are a new part of Final Ultimatum, which has the best front page EvE Mercenary web site (imho), it is easy for clients to pick and choose their contract, and allowing us, as a corp, to pick and choose the contracts we want to do!

The corp will supply ships for specific operations, and give them out based upon your fleet-up.com ship efficiency. So worse thing you can do - is nick a ship! Do not expect a Leshak for free - all our doctrines are T2 (so Omega players only), with the ability for you to bring “Stepped-Up” ships, like Leshaks…

We are an open corp - this means every penny raised and spent by the corp is open to members, no you can’t steal it - you can only see it, and then query members to “Why did the corp spend 3 Billion isk!?”.

You are not here to pay for my game, we are here to help you pay for yours!

  • The ability to pre-plan your Eve Operations using Fleet-up.com
  • The ability to work with other people in the alliance in contract work.
  • The ability to make isk as well as pew pew.

What are we looking for?

We need you to play this game serious. You will read a lot of corps and the “Real Life is important”, and that is true, but when you are in game - we play to win!
Be active, that means registering in all the required systems, happy to give full API to alliance, using teamspeak, discord and all other tools used by corp and alliance.

If you want some professional high sec pew pew (not Jita camping - there are better corps than ours who specialise in this) and the occasional Low Sec, Null Sec or Wormhole contract, then give us a shout!

Drop by our public channel “EVIL TURTLES” - say hello, and/or register on our forum


I’d be delighted to answer any questions people have, all answers are EVIL TURTLES, ask in the Alliance thread about the Alliance.

We need you! So we can take on bigger, more profitable contracts…! And also take on “bigger” boys!

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Saturday 4th of May - We’ve just finished a wormhole protection contract… I won’t lie… no pew pew had… But that is because we were paid to protect, not kill people… Holes were rolled, system scanned down 24x7, no body operated in this hole without our knowledge.

And that is what we did!

Next contract please

Sunday 5th of May - Corporation Bowheads have been and picked up the Wormhole Doctrine Fleet and are currently moving the ships to FOB.

Still needing more pilots - so we can do some bigger jobs that, at current, we can’t take on! Come the War Dec changes in the summer, there is going to be plenty of High Sec pew pew.

Monday - New contract starting 12th of May
So a couple of days R&R - then off we go!

Alliance killed a thing last night - It was outside of EU TZ, hence the reason for being in an Alliance - we want EU TZ players in corp, and let the Americans in other corps (and the insomniacs in this corp) do their thing, while I’m tucked up in bed!

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