Searching someone to give me some tips in T1 manufacturing

Oï everyone !
I would like to do some Industry in the future, and because I’m currently using Exhumers to mine, I already have the Industry skill to V. What I wanted to know is : all I need to do is gather the blueprint (BPO or BPC), the materials (my miners alts are here for that) and then that’s all, I just have the start the job and sell the product ?

I know that a BPO might not be fully ready to use when you just buyed it, you need to do some Time and Material Research before (but even that you can find some BPO fully researched for a fair price in the Contracts).
Also, I would like to get some advices from the more experienced guys out here on how to get the best out of T1 ship manufacturing :slight_smile:

One last thing : how do we get the materials for T2 production ? They don’t use only materials anymore (except from Morphite, I think) and some use the things we can get from Planetary Interactions, but what about the Components ?

Thanks you in advance =)

If you have a blueprint, and it’s in a structure or station with manufacturing facilities, and you have the materials, you just start the job, then sell the product.

Now, it’s actually a bit more complex, because some blueprints have skill requirements. And some blueprint have requirements about where they can be made. But for most, it’s not a big deal. (T2 are a prime example of skill requirements.)

With T2, you also generally have an invention stage. where you take a copy of the blueprint, then run an invention job on it (in the appropriate facility, with the appropriate materials), and hope you get a t2 bpc back out. The success rate averages out. But it is entirely possible to get 10 fails in a row.

As for your materials: If you’re gathering them all yourself, you’re generally very small scale. Be prepared to buy from the market. Mine what is most profitable. Sell the excess, buy the rest of what you need. And always treat the things which you mine, as if you bought them from the market. Just because you mined it, doesn’t mean it’s ‘free’. After all, you could have sold it. Don’t use that to subsidise your manufacturing, or you’re just throwing away ISK.

Before you buy any blueprints, do your research. Find out if it’s actually worth making first. A lot of smaller ships aren’t (because people assume that they are, don’t do their research, and throw away isk)

As fdr components: they’re made from moon goo. It’s reactions, which can be done everywhere other than highsec.


Thanks you for those precises tips :slight_smile:

Some T1 ships i.e. the Epithal can be quite profitable even if you buy your minerals and use a partially researched blueprint. If you mine some of the minerals yourself, the profit margins are very attractive.

Other high profit items that don’t require a lot of skill are rigs i.e. . Not all rigs are this profitable and margins will vary depending where you are in the market cycle. Use Steve’s tool to pick a few items that interest you and get to know them - learn the cycle so you don’t need a tool to tell you when to build. As a small industrialist, I recommend working in one of the smaller markets - you’ll generally have less competition and better profit margins.


The critical rule of manufacturing, or indeed any business, is “make a profit” (actually, it’s “don’t make an unnecessary loss” but that’s less catchy and harder to explain).

Steve’s Fuzzbox tools are a very, very good starting point.

T1 - you can make a profit. I did, and in some areas still do. T2 is more profitable, but requires more investment in skills.

Firstly, if you are doing this using materials you’ve mined or produced then make sure that manufacturing from them is more profitable than just selling them. I’m not going to say “they are not free” but rather “what’s the best profit you can make for your activity?”

Watch turnover carefully. An item may be listed on the market for a stonking great profit, but if they rarely sell them that’s a lot of ISK tied up doing nothing for you. A lesser profit repeated many times in the same period will generate a more income. Profit is generated by activity (“velocity of money”).

So: what to make? Things everyone needs. Then everyone is buying it => turnover => profits
Ammunition. Check that it is a popular item: for example Multifrequency crystals (the high damage ones) will sell better than, say, Infra-red (mid-long range, lower damage - bit more niche). Everyone (all good Amarrians - so I wonder where a good market would be…?) will buy them because they are nice and cheap for mission running. A similar argument for hybrid, projectile and missile ammunition.
T1 modules. Very few people fit Damage Control I. Most people quickly train for the T2 modules, so while everyone fits s DC, it’s not normally a DC1. You are normally selling to T2 manufacturers (T2 is a T1 component + bunch of complex stuff and a T2 BPC). That limits the profitability - manufacturers are more price conscious. The same applies for most modules. Ships fit meta modules which you can’t make, so you are manufacturing for T2 manufacturers to buy. And they will give you a profit. Just not a huge one.
(The answer to the obvious question is: “I’ll buy T1 parts, because using my production capacity for T2 manufacturing gives me more profit.”)
Drones are ammunition (<== useful insight).
Ships: the right ones can be profitable (I like gankers! - they drive demand).

Don’t forget to allow for sales tax and broker commission in calculations. It adds up (5%), but can be reduced by skills and standing.
And manufacturing installation costs add up as well.

Research you BPOs. Particularly ME. You will be competing against people like me with ME=10 BPOs. You’re either going to need a good ME on the BP or a willingness to accept narrower margins than I operate at in the T1 business.

Yes: Manufacturing is PvP activity. Instead of beating someone ship against ship, you are taking them on business model v business model. Make sure you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business and only take n the fights you are suited for.

One other tip: hauling.
You can spend a lot of time slogging back and forth between a market station and a manufacturing point. Think about how much fun that can be! Is that worth it for the loss of enjoyment? OK. If you like hauling, good for you - New Eden needs haulers.
Also think how often you’ll do it to keep feeding the manufacturing lines and lugging things to market. And the (minimal unless you are stupid) risk.
And you’ll quickly be putting a lot of value in the hold, and that makes you more tempting to a ganker.
And then there’ll be the one item you forgot to buy before heading home so another round trip is needed.

[I’ve been ganked once. On the upside, he’d bought the ammunition from me…]


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