Blueprints Where?

Can’t find the blueprints I want to buy from the market. Went to rens, dodixie, jita & amarr and I can’t find nuffin.

How am I going to be a manufacturer if the blueprints I need won’t be found?


Which blueprints are you looking for?

I’m no industrialist and rarely use blueprints myself, but I think you can buy T1 blueprint originals from NPCs in markets in various locations.

For more advanced blueprints like for T2 modules, ships or faction and pirate ships are other sources. I think you can get blueprint copies for those from LP stores or loot, or from invention (for T2 items).
You can also buy these copies from other players, but not via the market. You’ll have to look at contracts to find those.


T1 are indeed available from NPC stations, you will need to travel extensively though depending on what you want if you are buying that way. You can also get faction blueprints from NPC’s with LP from missions.

You can also get T1 via contracts (usually researched) for a premium. You will also get faction copies, T2 copies and (rarely) T2 originals in contracts. Worth checking out the sales section on these forums for these types of BP’s.

T2 modules and T3 ships.

I’m not interested in T1 blueprints and I’ve already traveled extensively.

I looked at a few LP stores. It’s very expensive to get stuff from LP store.

I did look through contracts. All I found was t1 copies and the very few originals I saw are for modules that sell for cheap.
I may not be rich enough to be able to manufacture what I want now anyway. I may have to rethink my whole approach to this game.
@Gerard_Amatin @Terrus_Askiras Thank you.


Both need to be invented from T1 BPCs (with T3 a bit more special). Alternatively can be bought from contracts.


@Tipa_Riot I read some more on BPOs and Industry.
I have concluded that I may have been too eager & overly optimistic as to my choice of career.
Now I’m thinking I should get into mission running until I have the skills & isk for blueprint research.

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also keep in mind that you can join a corp with a strong industry activity. Then the corp can allow you to use their bank of BPOs/BPCs

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@Wyk_Bathana Doesn’t look like the game gives a whole lot of choices. So it’s boredom until I stumble
upon a good corporation :cold_face:

The only gate is SP, and starting ISK. Focus on something you want to build, and train the skills needed for it, over time add more. Even if you can share prints, you still need the skills to use them.

Here are two directions

  • buy (expensive) BPOs to sell perfectly researched BPC from it, or (cheap) BPOs themselves
  • buy unresearched BPCs from contracts (or create from own BPOs) for T2 invention, sell T2 BPCs or manufacture

… and the fact that most useful BPOs ( in terms of profits ) can’t be bought/found. That gate is high and strong.

That’s what I thought I could do… if I can only get the BPOs.

Not enough skills yet.

I earn my main income in New Eden through manufacturing T2 ammunition and modules. The steps I perform myself are the invention and the final manufacturing from materials I buy on the market.

This is going to be a long read.

Firstly: don’t go chasing T2 BPOs. They are stupidly expensive and compared to the invention costs the return on them is isn’t going to happen.
For most small modules (two datacores per invention run, one of each, modest skills) the invention cost is about 50k ISK per item.

Crowbar your way up in size - don’t start with silly big ambitions. If you are whining about costs now then you aren’t being realistic.

So, start small - minimise the capital you need.
A T1 BPO for, say, Ultraviolet S crystals, costs 15k ISK. This is negligible.
Two runs of invention would cost about 500k ISK in datacores. That should on average give you one Scorch S BPC - ten runs of ME=2. Do a longer run - ten or so to start. Run the averages rather than a one shot bet.

Then use that BPC.
Buy the materials you need. Maybe a million and a bit depending on the market for ten runs of Scorch S.
Let it cook. Eight hours or so - an overnight thing.
So, to this point you’ve spent less than 2m ISK and got 40 Scorch S for your troubles.

They sell for about 90k each on the market. 3.6m ISK.
You’ve just doubled your ISK.

So, use half of it to make more Scorch S.
Use the surplus to invest in another BPO.

Build the business out and up.
You are running a business in New Eden.
Treat it as such.


  • I’m using Scorch S as an example - no guarantee on the current numbers, or the numbers at different markets.
  • Understand the demand for what you are selling. There’s no profit in items people don’t buy.
  • Turnover is better than one-off profit. You’ll sell those 40 Scorch S in a day. An item that sells for a 1m profit once a day is less income. And it probably cost you more and will tie up capital.
  • Don’t forget to consider taxes and brokerage on the sell orders. If I can’t make 10% on an job, and I pay an effective 3.6% tax rate, I don’t do it.
  • Diversification is good.
  • It will keep you busy - managing this is a something you need to keep on top of - it’s not passive income.
  • Skill training to get to a good T2 manufacturing position is about a month (as I recall). The basics at low volume are half that.
  • Invention is a bottleneck.
  • Don’t do ships. Possibly personal bias, but I’ve burnt my fingers there. I’ve a few other expensive lessons as well.
  • Don’t ask me what my profitable items are - that is my hard won knowledge.
  • Don’t whine.
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Hmm, which ones you don’t find? The only BPOs which can’t be found ingame (except from other players) are the rare (and legacy) T2 BPOs. Everything else is out there …

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Maybe one additional point, if it is not already clear to the OP (wasn’t to me when I started): A lot of items cannot be produced at all. They must be found as loot from NPCs or during exploration. Usually only items with Meta Level 0 (called Tech 1) or Meta Level 5 (Called Tech 2) can be produced.

For some faction items (with a small green symbol in the top left corner) there are Blueprint copies which can be obtained from LP stores, found as loot and such.

The industry career is for sure a challenging and competitive one. If you plan to provide the biggest markets like Jita or Amarr you will compete against people with perfect invention and trade skills. I would recommend to provide items in less competitive regions. But to be successful in this, you need to understand the demand.

And to properly understand the demand, you might want to play different areas of the game first. Otherwise you might wonder why people don’t want to buy your Nuclear S ammunition. Or why no one buys XL ammo in Highsec. Or bombs. Or Cynos. And so on.

Building ships sounds like a natural thing to do, but as was already said in this thread: It is a tough market because you compete with miners who just have fun to build things without considering if it would be better to sell the ore/minerals directly. And some basic ships are given out by career agents, making it obsolete to build them.

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Thank you for the pointers. :+1:

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