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Hi, I wanted to see about buying a mining drone II blueprint but after having a look around it seems there are not any available right across the Eve Universe. I thought these would be standard NPC type blueprints and readily accessible. Is this not the case?

As I understand it some tech II BPOs are not seeded in game, you can only obtain the corresponding tech II BPC by inventing a tech I BPC. I assume the mining drone II BPO is one of those.

BPCs are also not seeded on the market, you can only obtain them through contracts.

Oh, I see, I buy a mining I then create a mining II out of it. Great thanks.

To expand on that, no Tech II BPO are seeded in the game. A few were in the long, long past and still exist, but you can’t buy-from-NPC/find/make a new one, only purchase an existing one from another player.

Invention is how almost all Tech II items are made now as @Felix_Isimazu said :

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Worth having a look at
Doing the whole “invent, buy materials, make T2 part” chain is not always guaranteed to be better value than just buying the finished T2 item on the market. Others have better skills - T2 skills are Omega only and a fair training overhead to start with - as well as a better arranged and sorted supply chain for the materials needed and access to discounted and rigged industrial facilities.

So saying, I am a free lance T2 manufacturer - running out of NPC stations around Amarr. I make a steady living; enough that I can easily keep on top of my modest requirements. However, you have to watch market fluctuations and avoid making things that will sell at a loss.

Good luck!

T1 Blueprints originals are seeded in the game through NPC sell orders.

From these blueprints, you can research them and copy them.

Those T1 BPCs can then be sold over contracts, used to build the item or invent them into their T2 version.

As with all researched BPOs and ALL BPCs, the only way to buy/sell them is through contracts.

So they are there, you are just looking at the wrong place for them :wink:

And no person in EVE likely will ever sell their T2 BPO unless you go up to trillions of ISK in price

Thanks everyone that has been very helpful!

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most go for 10s to 100s of billions. Usually a few up for sale on contracts or over on the sell forums.

Yeah, I kind of felt shafted as new industrialist when I first learned about T2 BPO’s. But the truth of the matter is that their rarity makes them sell for far more than they’d otherwise be worth. For example, you don’t have to pay invention costs, but if you compare the invention cost per unit to the price of T2 BPO, you’ll see that you’d have to sell gazilions of units just to make back the cost of the BPO.

Half the T2 stuff sells at a loss anyway, the T2 BPO doesn’t change that.

Back of the cigarette packet calculations/estimates (aided by Fuzzworks)

For a T2 Mining Drone that sells for about 750,000 ISK:

  • 60k is the cost of invention (datacores and charges/taxes).
  • 550k is the cost of the materials to make the drone.
  • 25k install costs for the manufacturing.
  • 120k or so profit.
  • less sales taxes and brokerage if you are selling the product for profit, say a 30k ISK dink to the profits.

The benefits of owning a T2 BPO are really not a significant part of the total works - I’d spend more time knocking percentages off the materials supply chain than worrying about invention - making 10% saving there is very, very possible.
The costs above are based on buying from sell orders, so there’s an obvious “buy stock in advance” saving, I’m working in systems with high indices - trading convenience for ISK. There’s some common T2 manufacturing components I make myself to benefit from the value add in those supply steps. But generally, the idea of sinking billions for a T2 BPO strike me as a little hard to justify.

Anyway, that’s the thinking and maths that go through my mind around T2 manufacturing.

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