Are there still Tech 2 Blueprint Originals?

Because if they are, that seems pretty unfair.

The answer is yes there are still T2 BPOs.


They are few and far between, with a value ranging in the hundreds of billions of isk for simple modules and ammo. They are mostly sought by collectors at this point, as purchasing one will nearly never give you a return on your investment.

You cannot acquire new ones, and the ones in existence will likely never leave a station.


Aren’t they super profitable though? Most T2 BPCs, once made, are profitable at buy prices.

Not really. They do allow you to save some ISK over invention per product, but they have such an immense cost, you will not be making any profit for years.

If you can find or steal one you can make some profit using it, but buying one isn’t going to make you rich or anything. They are largely status symbols and collectors items at this point. Their usefulness over invention was nerfed a few years ago with the Crius expansion, and there is always the danger CCP will finish the job and make them completely useless.

There are some niche markets (generally low volume ones) where a T2 BPO holding industrialist can dominate, but generally the volume of production is far too low to affect things. Best to just ignore them as a budding industrialist.

Wanna buy some T2 BPO? Check out contracts in game, there are constantly 10-50 available.

What makes you say that? Safer than ever moving BPOs ingame right now. I moved 300b of BPOs just last month. No hassles, through LS too

They used to be when invention only gave negative ME values. That was before CCP changed industry in Crius and beyond. Back then you had incredible margins with your 10/20 T2 BPOs. Nowadays, with invention giving positive ME values, these margin differences shrank considerably and it takes far longer to recover the cost of such a BPO if you wanted to use it for production.

If you check contracts, you can sometimes find T2 BPC packs with 10/20 ME/TE values. They are generally overpriced but sometimes you can find a cheap enough pack to make more profit than what is normally possible.

But what about the people who initially won the BPO lottery initially? Wouldn’t they likely to have made profit? Just wondering.

I honestly don’t know much about the T2 BPO lottery, just heard about it.

Yes, those people who won valuable BPOs certainly made crazy amounts of isk.

Key word is “valuable”.

They already made their money.

For your average player, the only smart thing they could do with a T2 BPO is sell it. Relative to their market value, they really don’t generate very much money in production. You could do almost anything else with that capital and make more money in less time.

If you spend 100 billion on a T2 BPO, it might generate 1-2 billion a month in profit. You would have to go well out of your way to force 100 billion to earn that poorly doing anything else.

If you think the simple fact they exist is unfair, don’t look into how those who have them acquired them. You’ll really be pissed.

I hear t1 industrials are best for moving them

Most of the people who have them today likely bought them from other people. I have flipped several myself, typically within a day or two of purchase, which is really the best way to make money with a T2 BPO.

It’s been a solid decade since the last BPO lottery, and BPOs haven’t really been macro-economically relevant for… most of that. Pretty much every T2 BPO thread since '08 is, at its core, just some whiny-assed crybaby complaining about the fact that other people have more stuff than they do.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I also did some research myself, and it seems that they aren’t really a big thing anymore. Most of time with industry most of your profits come from selling at non-trade hubs, or to your corp/alliance.

I did not know much about them when I first posted on the thread, but I feel a lot more knowledgeable after the fact :grinning:

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To be honest, tech II bpo’s aren’t worth buying unless your a collector, buy a bpc make copies, put in the oven, some will rise, some won’t, rinse and repeat, I’ve got so many tech II bpc’s that I couldn’t possibly build them all.

If you really want to go Indy absolutely BUY the bpo’s, buying over priced copies is a waste if you’re going full Indy, casual builder, then buy bpc’s and save your ISK.

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