T2 BPO's

Should the current T2 BPO’s be erased from server? or
Should new T2 BPO’s be available?

Reverse engineering for T2 BPC’s is viable but is it fair as T2 BPO’s can dictate prices?

T2 BPOs don’t dictate prices, most players that produce T2 items do so through invention.

but should they have access to BPO’s?

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truth is, T2 BPO owners are spoiled.

You can own a T2 BPO. Just buy it. And then resell it … or try to recover the cost with production by dominating the markets up to and more than 20 years.


but after 20 years of never missing a cycle it will all be pure profit! Clearly imbalanced CCP NERF PLZ!


How are they spoiled? T2 BPOs are really nothing more then collector items really.

As usual, [citation needed].

How are T2 BPO owners spoiled? I wasnt around for the lottery and I didnt buy my first T2 BPO until 2013… Yet I have been able to own well over 200 of them. Quit whining and get to work.

Pro tip… I have only been bothered to build from three of them for like a month… Cant really be bothered to copy them either.

Want to sell some?

if you want to buy any check sales ads :wink: the ones that Alpha Askiras are selling are probably the best ones

They’ve been nerfed enough, they dont require anymore nerfing. I’m not sure what part of the games dynamics you play these days besides nuking people in either high sec / low sec to get negative standing but where T2 production is concerned, the majority produced comes from invention.

if you do actually do some production you may of noticed in certain area’s that the selling cost is lower than production costs. Some people tend to blame T2 bpo’s for this but that is either because they’re blinded by their existence in game or because they dont watch the market properly and see that the lower prices is due to people selling to buy orders for quick isk and then being put back on the market for minimal profit…

Zahara is regularly selling T2 BPOs.

My confidential sources told me CCP is planning to change something on T2Bpos in the near future. Highly probable that we will get a follow up on this year’s nerdfest. Maybe rip T2 bpos?

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Thanks CNN.

HAHAHA… I am not surprised Cody took the bait…

FOX news said they gonna seed moar of those via PL devs as usual.

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I was hoping my last post was absurd enough people would see it as a joke, but here we are.

As for my professions (in game) it’s mainly trading with some industry and mission running. So yes I’m pretty aware of general industry trends, Most of my trading profit relies on understanding those trends, and of course my decisions on what I build are also reliant on that understanding.

Here I heard it was a superduper t2bpo nerf, I’ll buy any t2 bpo for 1mil isk :stuck_out_tongue:

I would if there were any.

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