T1 Bpo to T2 Bpo?

OK, I buy some T1 Bpo’s, and make copies of the T1 Bpo’s.

I go to the Invention Icon in the Industry, have all the necessary skills and Items needed to make a T2 Bpo.

And after the time it is finished, but the T2 Bpo has limited runs… ???

Why, did CCP change something with the T2 Bpo 's ???
Have I done something wrong??

You’ve never been able to create T2 BPOs with invention. Ever. Only BPCs.

The only source for them was the lottery, many years ago.

Ok I copy Bpo and use the Bpc in the invention

Are you saying you did invention with a T1 BPO and lost the BPO?

(because if you did, submit a bug report, and a support ticket to get it back, as it shouldn’t happen. Then give me the bug report number so I can wave it at the appropriate people)

No, did not lose Bpo, I made copies of the Bpo, then in the invention, I used the Bpc from the Bpo and made a T2 Bpc, but the out come, why can I not make a T2 Bpo ??

Ok I think i am understanding this now a little bit…

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I can’t speak for CCP, and I’m not much of an industrialist, but it seems to me that allowing universal access to T2 BPOs would likely destroy the invention market (data cores and decrypters), which would have ripple effects on income from exploration, Faction Warfare and Research Agents (where you can obtain said datacores and decrypters).

T2 equipment would probably fall in price because of the relative ease of production and the removal of failed invention attempts as a factor in cost. T2 BPC market would basically crash. Drop in T2 price would suck for industrialists.

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OK so i understand a little more now…
So the T2 Bpc’s I get when finished with limited runs is reasoning behind it ok, I think I get it now.

So the people that have the T2 BPO’s are fortunate to have them, and that is why they cost so much ISK.

OK I see now ok

Was just trying to get a better understanding of the Invention of getting a T2 BPC from a T1 BPO.

Thank you

sounds like you’ve gotten the hang of things. the T2 BPO’s are artifacts from WAAAAY back in the day when t2 blueprints first came out. the only way to get them was through a lottery type system that was, frankly, a total mess. they removed the ability to get the BPO’s shortly after and introduced invention to get the bpc’s.

the few t2 bpo’s that you still see around are the leftovers from that lottery system, no new ones are likely to ever be introduced. hence their massive price.
on top of that, due to the relatively low component count on most t2 manufacturing, the savings you get from having one isn’t actually that big compared to manufacturing. for even the most profitable ones you are still looking at about 10-15 years before you start making an actual profit on them. and thats assuming 24/7 production and assuming you don’t completely drown the market by doing it.

this means that these days they are really more collectors items for people with far more isk than they can properly invest. if you have that kinda isk, then sure it makes a decent “savings” account, since they hold their value well and can turn a bit of a profit.

but if your just getting into industry and don’t have hundreds of billions just laying around, don’t worry about trying to get your hands on one, you can still be perfectly competitive even without.

Thank you
Ya I just want to make some little quantities for my use, and possibly sell a few for some extra isk and to pay for some of it

Thanks again

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