I think that they should be able to be craftable if you are willing to risk an original T1 BPO. I honestly think that this would make it far better for people to not only make money in industry but also benefit the community as a whole by encouraging more production and buying of T2 ships. As it stands right now, T2 seems like an elite status symbol almost from my perspective as a new player. Only the weathiest or oldest of players can have a T2 BPO it seems.

Am I just being a noob or does anyone else here agree that new T2 BPO’s should be allowed into the game today through either high risk or high cost methods?

T2 BPO’s are kinda useless, they copy and build slow. You earn far more money by doing invention, just stick to that. Also T2 BPOs are indeed just an elite status symbol now, just like AT ships, Amarr tournament ships, Megathron federate issue and Stratios emergency responders just to name a few. There’s plenty of limited items that only the rich have

What about the blue prints you make through invention then? Are they faster to build? And are they cheaper to build?

I don’t see why t2 bpos are needed to “encouraging more production and buying of T2 ships”. they see plenty of production and use

Much faster

Not really. Base invent time is usually (10% maybe) faster, but one invention run usually gives less than one ouput on average.

T1 BPOs are worthless so you’re not really risking anything.
I don’t know why you’d need a T2 BPO anyway other than for bragging rights or as collectors items.

Invention is vastly better for production since you’re not limited to a single job slot with a single blueprint.

Are you not able to make copies of the T2 BPOs once researched (to generate BPCs which you’d then manufacture from)?


You can, but it’s a pretty huge waste of time since you’re not actually building anything until those copy jobs are done.


You can spend 1D, 16H making a copy of a single run Sabre blueprint.

Or you can Invent from a Thrasher BPC with a Parity Decryptor and for a chance at a 4 run copy.

Sure, it’s got a chance to fail the invention, but you can run multiple Invention jobs. Over a moderate period of time, you’ll get roughly whatever that success probability is in successful Inventions. And thus, end up with more BPCs with more runs.

So yeah, it’s a pretty huge waste of time if you try to make copies from T2 BPOs.



People that worry about T2 BPOs are people that can’t realize the difference between running 1 job slot with a T2 BPO and running 30 job slots over 3 characters with invented T2 BPCs.

They are people who have no idea what they are talking about, in the general sense.

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I have a Hulk BPO and haven’t used it in around 11 years. Invention is more profitable.


I just started playing again, and am oddly amused that this T2 BPO topic still comes up.

Though I admit, I would love to get a hold of some T2 BPOs… but I have no delusions about them being profitable.

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