From reading/research, I was under the impression that one could only invent T2 BPC’s from T1 BPO’s or buy T2 BPC’s on the market, etc… However, I see people selling T2 BPO’s on the forum.

Where do they get them?

They were awarded through some sort of lottery system years ago. They’re now rare and super expensive. However, they don’t exist for any T2 items released since then, and are not required to be competitive in T2 industry.


How would someone get all these, if they are so rare? - they sure ARE expensive but how does this character get to make so much off them?

As a new player. stuff like this doesn’t give me much confidence in the integrity of the game.

you need to know the mechanics of abandoned stations) and this is my viola, the main character is 8 years old)

If the station is unfueled for 7 days It turns into an Abandoned state meaning all asset safety drops from the station. You cans still how ever activate it manually. When this came out there were huge stories of people finding trillions in t2 BPOs Also huge sob stories of people loosing their stuff lol

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One player is unlikely to ever get all of them. There are a limited number of T2 BPOs in existence, no new ones are being created, and existing ones can be destroyed.

In a player-driven market, value is determined by what other players are willing to pay for an item. A fully researched T2 BPO has a high value to a dedicated industrialist who already has the supply chain and resources to leverage the BPO to its maximum potential. That is a relatively small portion of the playerbase - and they may not find the listed price worthwhile, given the amount of time it would take to recoup that cost. It also has value to players who greatly enjoy collecting exclusive items, such as Alliance Tournament ships - for those players, the value is the rarity, not the gameplay benefit.

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and even more so if you study up to 10/20 it will take about 7 years to do it)

when the patch came out with abandoned citadels, they wrote information that one person robbed 5 trillion, but I think I overtook him, tk. this item is valued at 8-9 trillion and I have already sold 3.5 trillion)

it’s strange that nothing has been written about me, well, I’m not offended

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ok boss

Please do not advertise your sale in this thread. Your sale thread is already linked, and advertising outside of the sales forum is against the rules.

Look, I did industry for my first year and a half. When I first found out about T2 BPO’s, I too became irritated by it. I perceived it as unfair -as being permanently disadvantaged by having started later. Yet, I persisted, and still made plenty of money with T2 manufacturing. Why? Because CCP changed T2 manufacturing so that you don’t need T2 BPO’s to be competitive.

Yes, the lottery system was stupid. But it was so stupid that the game was better off without it. YOU are better off with it gone. Moreover, I assure you that you can still be a successful and profitable industrialist without them. So, don’t develop a defeatist attitude over this, because I assure you that that will be a far bigger obstacle to your success than a stupid decision CCP made 15 years ago.

And as a bonus, have some industry tips.

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