T2 Blueprints?

(sesanti) #1

So I’m a returning player. Kind of. Ive been playing on and off for years but never gone indepth in many of the game features.

My question is, how do T2 BPOs get seeded into the world? I remember from AGES AGO when I had just started the game, people used a Research Agent and got some kind of lottery tickets and there was a chance you would get seeded a T2 BPO depending on how many points you had, or something like that.

How does it work in 2019? Has CCP stopped seeding T2 BPOs to the world and is buying them from other players the only option at the moment?

Yes, I’m aware of invention for BPCs, I have already created several T2 BPCs from Invention, but how does it work with BPOs?


(Chamomile Tea) #2


There is no way to get new T2 BPOs, you can only trade old ones from the old system.

(sesanti) #3

Well that’s terrible.


(Bjorn Tyrson) #4

Nah it’s not that bad. Invention makes up the majority of t2 production and the ROI on most t2 bpos is measured in decades vs invented blueprints.
On top of that the copy speed of t2 bpos is abysmal to the point of not being worth it.

The only advantage t2 bpos really have these days is that they hold their value rather well. So if you have a couple hundred bil collecting dust you may as well grab one. You will make decent profit from it. And if you ever want to free up that capital in future it’s “fairly” easy to liquidate one.